Saturday 21 February 2009

Springy Saturday!

Tama-Chan: Even though the official arrival of spring is still one whole month away, we are all beginning to get that feeling that winter may be starting to fade (paws crossed as I say this). One always feels friskier in the spring, and I have been having fun playing:

But I did spend part of the morning doing this as #1 and Tommy spent ages outside:

#1: Since so many people seemed to enjoy the crocus photos yesterday, here are a couple more:

Tommy has been getting lots of outdoor time the past couple of days as I have been working on a major endeavour: to dig up an oak sapling in the field where we usually play Frisbee and throw balls, and replant it in our garden. That field has been left fallow the last couple of years but I was terrified that the farmer would suddenly arrive with his big tractor and just raze the beautiful baby oak. Fingers crossed that it likes its new location:


  1. You make me go all springy, TC.

  2. Those photos are like a little ray of hope!!
    Thank You!!!!

    The PM also got her PEI tour guide yesterday and that is a ray of hope too!!!

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  3. You look like you're having lots of fun, Tama-Chan. We are happy that your tree has been re-located. May it flourish in it's new locale:)

  4. An Oak tree! I bet it has beautiful Fall foliage! The little "hat" from the acorns makes a superb kittytoy by the way...
    Yep, we are very ready for Spring here too!
    Purrs, Siena

  5. Oh, Mommy is sooo jealous that your crocus (croci?) have started to come up. Every Spring, she starts scouring the ground in the park across the street, just looking for the first tiny green blades. And this year, they've planted hundreds of tulips, so our park should be gorgeous in a couple months.

    Two years ago, they had a "It's your park day" and neighbors could come plant bulbs and help with the fall clean-up. Mommy planted crocus bulbs in the designated spot. Then I dug my first and only hole—about six feet away! No one was watching so Mommy threw some bulbs in and covered up the hole.

    The next Spring, we'd refer to the one lone cluster of flowers as Petey's contribution!

    More Spring, please! It's 27-degrees here, clear and windy and too cold for the dog run!

    Your pal,

    Petey (Mica is busy trying on his birthday suit)

  6. We do miss the change of seasons here in South Florida. Spring and Fall are so lovely in Chicago, but the dull winter days of February and March we sure don't miss! We will live vicariously through your photos.

  7. ing, spring, spring, we all are calling the spring!!!
    Uncle's U is working in the garden and the cats are in season!!
    We are waiting leaves on the oak...
    ViVi & AB

  8. Looks like you're having fun, Tama-Chan. #1, i hope that the little oak thrives. Your soil looks so rich and brown (compared to the red clay here). Love seeing the crocuses! I have only one so far...the weather is still cycling between being 'way colder than normal and somewhat warmer than normal!

  9. Teri loves Croci too :) and we love watching the birdy feeders too...Teri just filled them after a long time empty so the birds are not coming round yet, but soon!

    The cats of Furrydance and Teri

  10. We can't wait for spring either!!

  11. I see the bird feeders by that window. That looks like the perfect vantage point. We hope the baby oak likes its new location. The crocus are beautiful!

  12. You are very lucky. Here we have lots of rain and it is cold.
    But thank you for sharing your springy pictures.
    Happy weekend!

  13. Tama-Chan, you look like a miniature mountain lion looking through the window.

  14. You make me feel all spring and sprung....hug from a springy miss moussie

  15. We are glad to see Spring is peeping out for you. We just got a little more snow here today. Brr!! A good day to sleep.

    Abby & Stygia

  16. Playing, longing, flowers and a baby oak. What a perfect post. We can't wait for spring either.

  17. I bet they can not wait to get home seeing that pretty face waiting for them in the window!!
    Those little flowers are so pretty! They would make beautiful little garlands for around the house? :)



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