Monday, 2 February 2009

A Little Bit Snowy...

Tom: #1 tells us that parts of England have had lots of snow but, in our little corner of France, we just had a light dusting this morning. I enjoyed running around in it. Snow is fun here because no salt ever come anywhere near it!

Look, a strange creature went by here...

And these flower-like prints...

Who could it possibly be?

Even Sen-Chan's fairy tree had a bit of white in its hair...

And #1 said I looked cute with a snowy nose!

Tama-Chan: I don't like it when it's cold, so I have been snuggling up with #1, helping her work...


  1. We ♥ those ♥-shaped paw prints, Tom! You do look quite adorable with snow on your nose.

    Tama-Chan, you are quite sensible to stay in where it is nice and warm!

  2. Good for you Tama-Chan, keep warm and have a good nap! That's exactly what I'm planning to do today, 'cause snow is all icky on the paws and I don't want them getting cold and wet and icky... :( Oh no I want to make sure my kitten bed is comfy and in the best spot possible. Then I think I'll nap on Mummy's bed with Ramses for the afternoon!


    PS: you can come feel the baby kittens move if you'd like Tama-Chan! :)

  3. Tom, you look extremely cute with snow on your nose. Did it go numb at all?

    Tama-Chan, we'd follow your lead and be snuggling inside, too!:)

  4. What a pretty dusting of snow!Glad you were able to play in it, Tom, and leave those lovely puppy prints...and nice that Tama-Chan was sensible to keep #1's desk chair warm!

  5. Snow is fun and soft for the paws, I sniffed around this morning but it was very quite, very very quite, hope everyone is in a warm place

  6. It looks like you are enjoying the snow!!

  7. Tama, it looks like yer trin to push yer mum off dat chair. hehe

  8. hi Tom and Tama-Chan, your snow looks very pretty in Sen-Chan's fairy tree. we like those funny footprints too.


  9. Tom, playing around in the snow looks like loads of fun! And examining the prints in the snow, too!

  10. Mummy wants to know where she can buy one of those cute Tama-Chan bum-warmers!

  11. Someone had fun in the snow, and someone had a nice nap! Be sure to visit our Curlz blog, an award is waiting for you!

    The cats of Furrydance and Teri

  12. Tom, we love that picture of you with snow on your nose. You look like you are having so much fun.


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