Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tommy's Trials

Tom: We did not post yesterday because #1 ended up taking me to the vet's TWICE. The vet is 45 minutes drive away. You can do the maths. It is a little embarrassing to describe what happened to me in detail. Suffice to say that I got some spikelets (don't you love that word?) from an ear of wheat stuck in the canal of the most delicate part of my body. But they coulnd't figure that out at first. "They" thought I was just being an obnoxious teenager. Which is why I had to go twice and, in the end, I had to stay overnight, WITH morphine, after the offending items had finally been removed and the swelling started to go down.

It was no fun being away from #1 and Sen-Chan overnight and the most no-fun is that I have to wear one of these collars for a couple of days.

And Sen-Chan thought it was all very interesting when I was having my meal:

So that's my tale of woe.. But you know what? I'm glad it happened yesterday and not today or tomorrow, because TOMORROW IS MY FIRST BIRTHDAY! And..... it's also #1's birthday. Yes, we have the same birthday. So, we're going to have a party! #1 has promised to take the collar off for the party but she and Ms.C, my vet, were mumbling something about boxer shorts.....

Sen-Chan: Can you believe that story? How on earth do you get something like that stuck somewhere like that?! That Tommy just goes looking for trouble, if you ask me! Apparently, the vet said she had never seen anything like it!

I, by the way, am better although still not going out yet, the excuse now being that the weather is yucky. Still (whispering...) I must tell you it was fun having #1 ALL to myself for a little while. So many cuddles!!!

So here is a cuddly photo of me to close:


  1. Oh my gosh!! We were wondering where you were. That sounds like a very very painful experience indeed. Please try to avoid getting spikelets (very good word!) stuck in tender areas!


  2. Hi! Hi! Tom !
    You look so sad with your Tudor's collar!

    See you tomorrow


  3. Tom
    How awful fow you..but I bet tomowwow will be faboolous!
    Happy Birfday to you!!!! hope you have fun and get many tweats!
    And I hope you continue to get a ll youw cuddles Sen Chan
    smoochie kisses

  4. hey Tom, that sounds very very painful! ouch! ouch! ouch! we're glad you're okay now though, except for the darn cone head. we hope that you will have a really great birthday celebration tomorrow with #1.

    Sen, you look very cute all curled up like that. maybe you can celebrate tomorrow too!


  5. Aww Tom, I know exactly how terrible it is to have to wear one of those awful collars. I don't blame you for looking so, so sad. Why, when I had to wear one, I walked backwards for the entire first day. Make sure you play your pity card for all it is worth.

    Also, if you happen to make any fashion statements in the next day or so, enquiring paws need to know about it. Maybe you will end up on the cover of French Dog Vogue!

    (whispers) Sen-Chan, I don't blame you for enjoying having #1 all to yourself. I enjoy my mom's undivided attention as well.

    Purrs for the family,
    Abby Normal

  6. Goodness, that sounds just awful, Tom! We can see how Sen would find a bit amusing. Just a bit.


    I've left a birthday present for you on my blog today - be sure to check it out!!!

    Your pal,


  8. Tom,spikelets in 'certain' areas sound awful!!!!! Hope you feel better soon. You will need to be able to celebrate!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you both have tons of fun!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  9. We almost forgot!


    Hope you enjoyed the cake and Veuve Cliquot! And your chateau is beautiful...

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

    P.S. Mica here-- notice I didn't get to go to France? For Sen-Chan's birthday, we're going to Paris to see the Crazy Cat Cabaret!

  10. Goodness..its not funny but i am so sorry to tell you it did make me laugh..Wish you all the best,Happy Birthday to you and your Bro,and take care..

  11. Heavens to Mergatroid, Tom! However in the world did that happen? And however can you prevent it from happening again? Ouch! And OUCH, again! Even the word, "spikelets", sounds ouchy.


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