Friday, 1 August 2008

Furious on Friday

Sen-Chan: Actually, I have no idea how to be furious, so I am not sure what I am supposed to do, but.....sniff..... I am SO SAD! Can you believe that, tomorrow morning, #1 is leaving, WITH TOM, and they are not coming back for 10 days!!!! They are, sniff, leaving me behind. I should perhaps mention that a very nice couple, Mr. E and Ms. V, arrived yesterday, and their only task over the next 10 days will be to look after me, cuddle me, and play with me, so it's possible I may not be spending the entire time crying, but still.... I just don't understand why they are not taking me. I would love to run on a beach in Cumbria and hike in the Lake District! So I am sulking for as long as I can (...30 seconds....?).

Tom: Yippeeeeeee! I am going on holiday with #1!!!!!!!!! We are leaving tomorrow morning, driving up to Calais and then going under the Channel through the Eurotunnel. I have all my paperwork ready. In Europe, we now have special passports for pets. Here is mine:

We will be staying in different places, with friends and in a hotel, so I have promised #1 that I will be an exceptionally good boy. #1 says that she may update the blog from along the way, if she can download photos and has access to the right equipment. I hope so, as I would love to share my holiday with all of you!

I know that you will all be missing the daily photos of Mr. Handsome Sen-Chan, so here are a few to keep you going until his next appearance on August 13th.


  1. Oh Sen-Chan this is unbelievably bad! If only you had a pet passport you could come play in the run with Isis for the next 10 days - I'm sure she's have no objections! ;) If I could get one I'd travel with my boy to Canada and show that jumped up ginger tom who he really belonged to... The boy is mine, mine, mine as are all his toys! :)

  2. Tom c'est fantastique, nous te souhaitons un très très agréable voyage et beaucoup d'aventures.
    Sen Chan je suis certain, même s'il s'ennuie de toi et de #1 va trouver moyen de se faire adorer pour satisfaire ses caprices!!
    Les AB clan

  3. If you had a passport you could come visit us in Florida!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Oh Tom, your holiday sounds awesome! And you really DO look like Clive Owens in your passport photo. I'm not going on vacation until September and then just for 5 days, but I'll be on a beach with Asta! How fun is that?

    Bring back some fine English kippers for Sen-Chan and he'll be happy!

    Bon vacances!


  5. That Pet Passport is SO cool!! I think you're going to have a wonderful time. We'll miss you all of course. We'll catch up with you on the 18th because our humans are vacationing for a week as well.


  6. I never heard of pet passports before, that's neat-o! I am very sad that they will be gone so long and not taking you along. I'll miss you and Tom!

  7. Oh, Sen-Chan! How horrible for you! We have never heard of passports, but our Mom wants to know if she can go with your #1?

  8. Hello pals, thank you for visiting my blog and your good wishes. J x

  9. Hi Sen-Chan and Tom,
    Comment allez vous?
    Thanks for creating the Arte-y Pico which I have the honor to receive it.
    I like your blog very much, you guys have a lot of love and fun!
    My parents visited France last May. They love everything of that beautiful country.
    Je t'aime!
    That's all I know, please don't test my French!

  10. Poor Sen-Chan!

    Tom, your passport picture is wonderful. I am sure all the humans are envious of your photogrnic nature.

    Abby Normal


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