Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday in England with Tom

So, here we are in England! We had a great journey yesterday and #1 found some excellent places to stop so I could run and run! And, as soon as I got here, I started to meet fellow English Springer Spaniels! Funny that, isn't it?

So far, #1 is giving me a gold star for good behaviour! We had a very relaxing Sunday morning reading the papers, something we can't do in France where there are no Sunday papers to speak of.

And this afternoon, we went for a long walk in some woods with #1 and her nephew. It started pouring with rain so we all got soaked, but it was a great walk! So many wonderful new smells!

Tomorrow, we are heading up to the very north of England, to Cumbria. I'll write again when I can.

By the way, for those who are concerned about Sen-Chan, our last sight of him yesterday morning was curled up in bed next to Ms. V, the house-sitter, preening..... And when #1 spoke to Ms. V in the evening, she was told that Sen-Chan had spent all day playing wildly with Mr. Bun, his rabbit cuddly toy (the one I almost demolished...).


  1. I am glad to see you so thoroughly investigating your new surroundings! I bet Sen-Chan will enjoy getting your personal report when you return home.

    Glad to hear you are being spoiled by your fans, Sen-Chan. Give Mr. Bun a big bite and whack for me!

    Abby Normal

  2. Tom, I am glad you are having fun and also that Sen is doing well!

  3. hi Tom, that's so cool that you are getting to visit some good sniffing and running places. that sounds like so much fun.


  4. Tom, it looks like you are having a great trip! We are glad Sen has someone to take good care of him.

  5. It's nice to know there are a few Abys with the common sense to have a cuddly toy to play with! I have many cuddly toys even if my Boy seems to think they're his... ;)

  6. Tom you look like you're having a marvelous time on your holiday! Boy, I'd love to run along those paths in the woods with you.

    Your pal,


    Just off the phone with Sen-Chan -- he had a fabulous party last night, the catnip was flowing!



  7. How awesome!!! Your adventure is very exciting. I'm glad Sen Chan is doing well. Is your #1 from England?


  8. Wow, English smells! Sen-Chan's gonna be sniffin' you a lot when you get home, Tom!

  9. It certainly looks like you're having a most wonderful time exploring England, Tom. We're very glad to hear that Sen-Chan is also doing well while you're on holiday!

  10. hello! My pal Petey sent me over to see you two. Looks like you are having a great time here on holiday Tom. And Sen Chan is having the most purrfect time in France!

    I have a kittie brother like you Tom. He sometimes manages to creep into my blog,,he he, they are good at that those kitties... but they do make the best brothers don't they? Wag over and visist me sometime.

    Wiry Wags, Eric


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