Friday, 22 August 2008

The Day After

Sen-Chan: I'm in charge of posting today because Tom is back at the vet's yet again! He was doing great and really enjoyed the party last night but had a bit of a relapse in the night. Since we would all like him to be 100% functional again soon, #1 decided it would be better for him to go back for further examination. They found one more of those spikelets and suspect that Tom tried to get at it himself after the Elizabethan collar was taken off last night. Bad boy! He is staying over there under supervision until either this evening or tomorrow morning.

Anyway, it was a cool party! Tom was the star of the show and he played it for all he was worth. Here he is sneaking up on the birthday cakes:

and here is a close-up of his cake:

and him showing off his red bandana from Big Dogs:

He got lots and lots of toys, in fact so many that he hasn't finished opening the packages yet! He'll have fun when he gets back from the vet's!

I had a fun evening too. Tom's friend, Pie, was there and she is totally devoted to me ("obsessed" is what #1 and Ms. A call it). So she spent all evening chasing after me so she could cover me in kisses...

Here she is trying to lure me down from my favourite radiator:

and even bugging me when I was trying to eat:

#1 and Ms. A get worried sometimes that she will be too rough and will hurt me, but I have her covered!

Oh, and #1 wanted to answer the inquiry from Angus Mhor as to why she is called #1. It's because she is the #1 person in my and Tom's lives!!! Of course we think she's the best, but that's another story.


  1. Just the thought of where Tom has those bits of wheat makes my eyes water... I do hope he's feeling better soon! Anyway I'm feeling much better now my boy is home at long last! :) I shall even pass on the hugs and kisses note that Isis has been bugging me to do, yes I'm in that good a mood for once! ;)


  2. Aww, I am sorry to hear that Tom is still... irritated. But I can appreciate his efforts at self-treatment. I was going to do them all a favor and take out my own stitches right after my fixing because obviously they don't belong there.

    It looks like it was a great bash! And Tom looks so fashionable in his bandana.

    That radiator looks like a great spot, Sen-Chan. And a good look out place as well.

    Abby Normal & family

  3. Happy belated birthday, Tom, old boy!!!! Sorry to hear about the *spikelets*. Sounds torturous.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Purrs, Shade and Goldie

  4. Poor Tom, I home you come back home soon.
    your Party was really great we all enjoyed it.
    You & Sen Chan with #1 help's were great hosts
    I hope to join the next (i had to care of the kitties)

  5. Oh, dear. Poor Tom. We are very sad that we missed his birthday, but Mom was really busy the past few days and we could hardly visit any friends at all. We're glad you got lots of super duper toys! Those cakes look yummy!

  6. Oh, I missed a lot while my Mommie was away! I am very sorry that Tom had a little, er, problem. I hope he feels all better soon. And I want to wish him a happy belated birthday, too!

  7. Oh Tom, you poor thing! I sure hope its all over now. What a great party!! I'm so happy you all had such a great time.


  8. Pleas get well Tom
    smoochie kisses

  9. Poor Tom, what an awful way to usher in your new year! Keep that collar on, pal! I do like your innocent look as you peer up from under the table at those amazing cakes! Sen-Chan, did you get to share some cake, too? Mica is very good at getting a taste of just about anything that Mommy is eating!

    Bon Anniversaire!!!!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  10. Great Cake..and so sorry you had to go to the vet again!!Now, go and get your packages..Have fun !
    Sen-Chan,I can see you are an art loving cat!Have a nice weekend ..


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