Monday, 18 August 2008

New Discoveries/Hanging Loose

Tom: Sorry we didn't post yesterday. #1 says she is still tired but the real reason is that she went off to an 80th birthday party for a very special friend and so was too busy having fun! Still, when she got back, she made it up to me by taking me on a run to a whole new field:

It's much bigger than the big one I usually run in so I can go like the wind and not run into anything. I was chasing birds (#1 says they're swallows) but just couldn't get close. Phew!

Sen-Chan: Glad someone is having a good time... I am still confined to quarters and this morning, I was put inside my carrier for 10 minutes with a steaming bowl of thyme infusion. It smells nice but who likes being locked up?

Tom and #1 are making funny comments about my preferred sleeping position of the moment. Can someone tell me what is so weird about having your bum on the back of a chair and your head on the seat? I find it very comfortable and of course, it makes the blood rush up to my head, making me even more outstandingly clever!


  1. Actually, Sen-Chan, that's a favorite sleeping position of Petey's, too! And yoga practitioners swear that's the way to get toxins out of your body, so maybe you're on to something. (Plus it's so much easier to wave your tail in your sleep when it's already elevated!)

    Your pal,


  2. Sen-Chan, being a cat, you can sleep HOWEVER YOU WANT! Others only comment from admiration and perhaps a wee bit of envy. After all, not everyone can contort as comfortably as we can!

  3. hey Sen, that's a perfect position for sleeping. Brody likes to sleep that way also.

    Tom, good look chasing those birds. we chase them too, whenever we get a chance. they're fast though. we can't catch them either. we keep trying though.


  4. I agree totally with Angus. Cats can sleep however they wish to sleep! And if anyone laughs, just sniff at their unenlightenedness.

    Abby Normal

  5. Seems like a good position to me! You look good to me from all angles Sweety! :)

    Oh and as for Yao-lin cooperating with anyone feline or human, you are sadly deluded... He is a meezer to the core and as such believes in total non-cooperation at all times! ;) Oh yes it's his way or no way... I guess on some levels I actually feel sorry for his slave! She'd have done much better to have picked an Aby to devote all her waking hours to as I'm sure you will agree! *giggle* Just don't tell Yao-lin this or he'll sulk for weeks...


  6. Hi!!!! We missed you two lots!! I'm sorry you're sick Sen-Chan- I too get URI's when my Lap Lady goes away but not this time because Gamma entertained me well enough. I hope you feel better soon!


    P.S. That horse is HUGE!! Like 2x as big as our thoroughbred!

  7. SenChan
    that is a vewy cool position...I think it's a clevew one too..I'm sowwy you have to be locked up fow that tweatment, but I bet it feels bettew awe so lucky to have a place whewe you can wun like the wind
    smoochie kisses

  8. Just sleep any pose you want,
    don't might at all~!!!!
    My opinion,
    you are just perfect!

  9. Tom, that looks like a great field to run in.

    Sen-Chan, sending healing purrs your way. We think your sleeping position is great.

  10. We hope you are feeling better, Sen-Chan. We like to sleep like that sometimes, too!

    Looks like great fun, Tom!

    ~ Bandit and KittyBoy

  11. i'm with you, i sleep like that sometimes. it does make me more clever! are you feeling better? i will turn my healing purr button on high for you.

    Tom, you look like you're having a great time! Enjoy that freedom!


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