Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh No!

Sen-Chan: You're not going to believe this but Tom is back at the vet's! He was very uncomfortable yesterday morning so #1 called our vet and she said to bring him back in. We are not going to give you all the gross details but suffice to say that what he needs, apparently, is a few quiet days in a quiet environment where all the the "bits" can get back to normal, and he just has too much fun when he is here with me and #1!

He is already doing a lot better, but this time, he is staying over there until he is 100+% better. He has his blankie with him, as well as his favourite cuddly toy and his new rugby ball. He is apparently being very good and everyone loves him there. We of course miss him but guess who is getting lots and lots and lots of cuddles at this end? Why, #1 of course. I have to take care of her!

We don't have any fresh photos of Tom for you so here is one of me instead:

I was having a particularly stressful moment...


  1. What a beautiful belly! It just makes Mommy want to scratch it.

    Poor Tom! Perhaps his days at "the spa" will cure him of his ailments for once and for all. He's going to have to borrow my suit of armour when he gets back and wants to romp through the high grasses again!

    Your pals,

    Mica and Petey

  2. oh poor Tom. we feel really sorry for him and his painful predicament. we are sending him the power of the Bs to get 100% better fast!

    that picture of you, Sen, reminds us of us. sometimes a dog/cat just needs to be comfortable, right!


  3. We feel so bad for Tom. What a horrid experience for him. Hope he gets his "bits" all straightened out soon.

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

    PS~ Great shot of you Sen!!

  4. Sending Tom lots and lots of healing wishes and good thoughts!
    That's a great tummy!

    ~ Timothy

  5. Poor Tom, I wish he would get better soon. It must feel very uncomfortable!

    Sen, that is a very cute pose!

  6. SenChan
    I'dlike to come scwitchy youw gowgeous tummy!
    I hope tom comes back soon so you two can have fun again
    smoochie kisses

  7. Aww, we are so sorry to hear that Tom is back at the vet. At least he knows and trusts your vet! I hate mine!!!

    Sen-Chan, you look just lovely doing the twisty-cat! It's one of my favorite poses besides being in a nose-to-tail ball.

    Abby Normal

  8. Wow you really do look seriously stressed out. Get some rest! We feel really bad for poor Tom! Poor guy really needs to feel better soon!


  9. Yup, you look stressed alright. We're very sorry to hear that Tom's back at the VETs. We hope he gets allbettered soon.


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