Saturday, 15 July 2017


Sei-Chan: I am happy to be back to my usual blogging day this week. It has been a good week and we are now enjoying the company of #1's very nice friends who drove all the way from Luxembourg!

I think I shall start with this rather thoughtful pose:

And then move on to this rather playful one!

#1 seems to like catching me in my beddie under the skylight:

But she also caught me napping on the old desk chair, the one with the Boogie Mat on it!

And how about this Dangle nap?!

All these photos are making me sleepy....zzzzzzzzzz...


  1. We can see from these pictures that you are a mighty happy kitty Sei :)
    Enjoy your snooze.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. It sure looks like you're having a purrfect weekend!

  3. Stunning, every last one, Miss Sei! Visitors are so nice, and your nappy dangle is top notch!

  4. Welcome back to the REAL Sei-turday. And what a well-rounded set of photos - all the different aspects of beautiful Sei!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. Awww Sei-Chan! Your sweet napping photos made me smile and also feel sleepy :-) I wanna come over and take a nap together!

  6. Looking great this week, Sei. You're making us sleepy too.

  7. Coucou Sei,
    C'est super dure la vie...
    En fait non et heureusement.
    Tu sais vraiment trouver les meilleurs endroits pour dormir et jouer.

  8. That sounds like a great week ! Nice dangling ! Purrs

  9. Sei-Chan you sure are making us feel very relaxed watching you nap in all those different locations.


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