Monday, 17 July 2017

Manly Monday

Tommy: I had a really great time with our guests over the weekend, and they have invited me to visit them in Luxembourg! Here I am, hanging out with #1's school friend, Ms. L:

Saturday night, we went out to a really nice restaurant where the young chef is Japanese.  I think he really liked me!

Da Genj: I helped #1 with the sheets:

And here is a nice portrait of me:

Vidock: I am going back to that clinic for a full check-up on Wednesday and would appreciate some good vibes! 

Da Beebs: Miaowwwwww!

A Mini-Mancat Guest: Tiny miaows, everyone! I have just moved next door to Poupounette Central and my name is Merlin!

I am just eight weeks old. I hope we will be friends.

#1 here. Do you remember Jade, the next door kitty who adored Tommy? She sadly disappeared some time ago and is considered lost. Merlin arrived this weekend, and we hope that he and Tommy will also become great friends.


  1. How nice to meet Merlin! I do hope he and Tommy become pals!

  2. Tommy ! you always have a great time with everyone ! You are a Happy soul =^x^=

    And nice to meet you, Little Merlin
    Meow !!! =^x^=

  3. Sounds like you all have been enjoying your company :)You all are looking good. Vidock, we are sending lots of purrs to you.
    Little Merlin is very cute :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. There isn't anyone on the face of the earth who wouldn't love you, Tommy. Genj and Beebs, you have a new member of rhe handsome man at club, wonderful! Welcome mini-man cat Merlin. Very sad news about Jade. Vidock, you're in our prayers love.

  5. Purrs for Vidock and Little Merlin and all the rest !

  6. You guys sure had a fun weekend. Tommy hope you got to try some Japanese foods. Merlin is adorable
    Lily & Edward

  7. Awww Tommy, I know everyone loves you. You are such a gentle and sweet woofie! I'm sure Merlin will become your good friend, too! Vidock, we hope your check-up will go well!

  8. All the best to you Vidock, you will do fine! We are sorry about sweet Jade and we hope Merlin makes pals with you soon Tommy!

  9. Tommy, you certainly 'get around!' Vidock, hope things go well for you! Look at that week kitten, Merlin. It's sad that Jade disappeared.

  10. Nice to meet Merlin ! And good luck for your check-up, Vidock ! Purrs

  11. All that wonderful manliness!!! Whew!
    And I was wondering about Jad. I am sure Merlin will make good friends with Tommy!
    Love Barb

  12. Merlin is adorable! We are certain that with Tommy's charming character, he will make friends with Merlin in no time at all! Sending good vibes Vidock's way.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. You boys are all looking good. We have our paws crossed for the Big V and his vet appointment.

  14. Happy Manly Monday. Good vibes and purrs to Vidock.

  15. we cross our paws and fingers for the checkup, of course... and we hope Merlin becomes a super friend...efurrybuddy needs a friend with magic powers right? and merlin sure has them ;o)

  16. Bonjour les garçons,
    Bébé Merlin et trop mignon. Mais on espère très très fort que Jade reviendra. Il ne faut jamais perdre espoir.
    Bonne chance pour demain Vidock.


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