Sunday, 23 July 2017

Any Snuggles on Sunday?

Tama-Chan: It's been quite a week with Vidock's operation and #1 being away Thursday and Friday, and so we are a little short on the photo front for our SoS post.

... Except for me, that is! I have been holding up my end of the bargain! I have been snuggling with #1 in bed:

And also snuggling with my Tommy!

Now, this is not a snuggle shot but me and my Beebs sleeping peacefully so close together is as good as a snuggle!

Here is #1 snuggling with Genji:

Now the colours on this next photo are a bit strange. #1 had mistakenly put her camera on the "art filter" setting, but it is a rather exceptional group snuggle shot with Tommy, Sei-Chan, my Beebs and Da Genj!

#1 has been doing some outside snuggling. Here she is with little Merlin:

And she is always snuggling with Miss Heloise!

 We wish you all a snuggly Sunday, and remember to join us tomorrow when #1 will finally reveal what she was up to on Friday of last week!


  1. I think I will take off snuggling today - being a Pet Me Cat at yesterday's cat show and snuggling with all the visitors wore me out!

  2. Awww, so much snuggles! Lots of love around your place!

  3. Happy snuggle day everyone and tell the Big V we're thinking of him!

  4. Even if you are short on the photo front, we know that there was a lot of snuggles at your home. Have an Easy Sunday ! Purrs

  5. For #1 being busy , you kitties and Tommy did a great snuggle job :)
    Funny how easy it is to do snuggles.
    We like the ones with Merlin and Heloise.
    Purrs to Vidock and hope he will be home soon!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. Aww, you are all the cutest! <3

  7. Lovely snuggles again. I hope Vidock is recovering well.

  8. Those are all great snuggles. We especially like the one with Tommy and all the kitties.

  9. Lots of love at your home!
    We really like the art photo setting. Little Merlin is such a sweet faced boy. Just look at that dear little expression! Heloise bats! We definitely.need to have Froot Bat Friday again.

  10. Oh those are some great snuggles this week.

  11. that are super snuggles... the mama awwed and owwed as she saw the last photo :o)

  12. Merlin et Heloise sont les plus beaux, les plus craquants !


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