Friday, 11 March 2011

Fun on Friday!

YES, it's me again. You could call this BeebsWeek in fact! I have been a good boy (in #1's eyes anyway) and not escaped again since Wednesday. Last night, I was watching TV with #1. Crufts Dog Show in on at the moment and yesterday was "Gundog Day" which we are partial to for some reason. Anyway. I had so much fun watching it and "meeting" some of the participants!

The winner of the Hound Group was a gorgeous 9-year flat-coated retriever. He was really nice-looking and #1 kept saying how great that they picked an older guy!

You noticed that the pup on the TV bore some similarity to our little pal Fernant... whose latest idea of a good time is to grab Tomy by one of his ears and pull.... Tommy is a true saint! Fernant also steals his toys...

Not surprising that Tommy prefers to stick with me!

On the home front, here is an outwardly peaceful scene: Mama Tama and Sei-Chan at the top of the study stairs. In fact, they were waiting for sweet little me, and their intentions were not exactly friendly...

It's a good job I had my laser eyes at the ready...

And further on the topic of fun here is Mama Tama with our favouritest toy, the big ratsie with the huge tail!

We would like to thank all those who have been asking about our friends in Japan. So far everyone seems to be OK. One friend in Tokyo had her bookcases come toppling down and was very relieved the kitties were not under it. Another's kitty hid under the bed for a while but has now been coaxed out again with tuna.



    Thanks fur the update from Japan - so furry sad fur all -

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Mom is heading to work now - what trouble shall I get into today ;-) ?

  2. We're glad that all your friends in Japan are safe an well. What a scary time.

  3. Hi #1...very glad to see your update from Japan...we immediately thought of you, your friends, and family, and are glad to hear that all are safe and well!

  4. We're so pleased all your friends in Japan are safe - and now after the earthquake a tsunami - what a mess the whole world seems to be in with floods and droughts, fires and floods.
    We are so pleased to see all your happy faces on the blog and we were very impressed with Bibi-Chan's laser eyes.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Thanks for letting us know you have had contact with your friends sand they are OK. Just devastating news for so many.

    We somehow knew that Tommy would be very tolerant of Fernant. Thunder has to endure the tail pulling from Ciara, she just grabs hold and hangs on. He is learning not to try to get away.

    Bibi - we think it might be time to make peace with Tama and Sei - two against one is not good.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Glad all is peaceful - except for the stairs ambush, hehehe.

    We thought of you when we heard the awful news about the earthquake, and were wondering about your many friends out there. Terrible news.

  7. The earthquake and Tsunami is just awful. We are purring for all concerned.

  8. They are in our thoughts and prayers....

  9. We are glad that you posted about your friends in Japan and that all are okay. We think you are quite a television watcher Bibi!

  10. Bibi - watching the woofie show is one of MINE favoritest things too! - Billy

  11. I am firstly so glad your friends are all ok. It is ssuch a tragedy to happen. What great pictures you have today. I love the shadow pictures and the snuggly ones and those lazers are awesome.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. It's a relief to hear that your Japanese friends are safe - it is horrible, all that is going on there right now! Although Japan is well prepared for earthquakes, I don't think it is possible to be ready for something of that magnitude.

  13. MOL..Bibi, get ready with laser eyes is a smart idea : )
    and I like your toy..HUGE !!!

    The 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan that shocked my family last night ! Thanks for let's me know your Japanese friends are safe !!! I'm sending purrs to all in Japan to be safe.


  14. It's hard to fathom what that part of Japan is going through. We purr and pray for them.
    That Bibi is a busy boy!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Glad that your human and cat friends in Japan are safe. But it is all very scary.

    Bibi- you are quite the busy boy. Hang out with Tommy if the other kitties are ganging up on you.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  16. We're relieved to hear #1 has been able to contact her friends and that they are alright. We are praying for the people and all of the animals suffering through the tragedy.

    Tommy is such a good soul. He knows Fernant is a puppy so he is very tolerant of him. We think Tommy deserves a special toy or treat for all of his kindness.

  17. I am very relieved that your friends are OK!
    Love the pics of Bibi watching TV!

  18. Yes, we are happy to know that your furiends are OK. It has been a scary day to see this all on the moving picture box.

  19. We're so relieved to hear that your friends are ok, #1. What a terrifying time.

    Beebs, you look bigger than that pup!!!!! It is super cool that on older gentemandog won.

  20. Yes, the Flat Coated Retriever was an absolutely stunning dog!!! That brilliant black coat of his was just...brilliantly black! And noticed there was not a single gray hair on his face evethough he is 9 years old? So cool. I am 5 years old & I have gray hairs on my face already. SIGH. I look like an old, dried up grandma. I also liked the Golden Retriever. I think that dog should have atleast gotten 2nd place, not 4th.

  21. Those are some laser eyes for sure. Spooky! hehe. :)


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