Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tommy's Thursday Morning Report

Tom: First off today, #1 asked me to say that we are sorry to keep you in such suspense on the Tama-Chan front. Early in the week, it looked like she might be ready, just ahead of her due date, but it was not so. She is now at term, and so we are very much hoping it will be soon! We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful words of support. They are so much appreciated! And our apologies for doing virtually no visiting at the moment. We will catch up as soon as we can.

Tama-Chan is residing in her kittening room, with almost constant company. Either #1 or Uncle U is there most of the time, sometimes both of them. Tama-Chan also has access to the cat run for a little while each day so she can get some fresh air. She has begun purring up a storm, which is very unusual for her!

In other news, I am getting my usual runs, although the bad weather and Tama-Chan care mean they are sometimes a little shorter than usual and my tennis balls can get a bit lonely...

But I am always ready for action!

Sei-Chan and Yuu-Chan are wondering what's going on. Yuu-Chan was particularly desolate when #1 wasn't in "his" bed last night, but we're trying to give him as many cuddles as possible! Needless to say, this does not keep him from being as naughty as possible. He even tried to get his own chicken out of the refrigerator!

We'll be keeping you posted, dear friends!


  1. I'm feeling like a nervous expectant father!

  2. What a funny kitty that Yuu-Chan is!

    Tommy, you look very cute there, waiting with your paw up.

    Tama-Chan, best wishes for your kittens to come soon, and easily.

  3. I want to be Yuu-Chan! I always try to stick my head in the cold box, but momma keeps the really good stuff in the drawers.

    You are almost an Uncle!


  4. That Yuu-Chan is a boy after my own heart. I wish I could fit in the refrigerator!

    I hope things go well. I am sure it is all a bit confusing now with all the attention on your sister. You will get some ball playing in soon Tom.

    Your friend,

  5. Little Yuu-Chan, we are so very impressed. And inspired, too!

    Purrs for sweet Tama-Chan.

  6. Yuu-Chan, aren't you ashamed of yourself?! I'm so glad my cats were not at the computer when I saw you pictures, they have enough naughty ideas already :-)
    Let's hope Tama-Chan will have her babies very soon.

  7. Tommy, thank you for posting the picture of Yuu-chan with the foods. Now I know where the People keep the good stuff.

  8. Of us two Siena is especially interested in the fridge, but she has never climbed in it. Very cool, Yuu-Chan, literally!
    Tommy, the line-up of drying tennis balls made us snicker. Are they all slobbery?
    It's such an exciting time with Tama-Chan due any moment. We are so looking forward to the little ones. Many purrs!
    Siena & Chilli

  9. I have never seen a cat in the fridge before!
    Can't wait to see the babies.

  10. Wishing you all the best for when the time does come.

  11. Oh Tommy, we know that you all are probably going even more crazy then the rest of us waiting - but babies come when they want to, not when we want them too, no matter what species they are!

    That is a very adorable picture of you Tommy - Tama Chan is so lucky to have a wonderful understanding brother like you right now. I am sure she is glad you are giving up some of your run time for her.

    And Yuu-Chan - well you are so cute and naughty at the same time! We think there needs to be a club for the naughty kitties out there, with you and Barney and probably Alfie Marshall too - you are all cutie troublemakers, just like a boy kitten should be!

  12. Oh Tommy!


    PeeEssWoo: Was there more to the post? ;-)

  13. Tama-Chan, we wish you well!

    And we love that picture of Yuu-Chan in the refrigerator!

  14. Thanks for the update on the Mom-to-be. We hope all goes smoothly for her. Tommy, you are handsome as ever, and Yuu-Chan - did you get anything good in there?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  15. Yuu-Chan now we know what's in the big box.

  16. Oh, Tommy!
    The ready is perfect.

    It is one step to
    joy of running.

  17. Yuu-chan! invading the big cold box, I try to do that mum always pushes me out.

    Paws crossed for Tama-Chan.

  18. We're purring for the safe arrival of the noo kittens and also for Tama-Chan!

  19. Great fridge picture! We're hoping for great news about the kittens soon

    Bajas, Virus & Hyssing

  20. We are waiting anxiously! Hope everything is going alright.
    Yuu-Chan, you made us laugh out loud!!!

  21. I have nice holidays in #1 home....

    ViVi & AB

  22. Yuu-Chan, you are kind of a naughty boy! But, I'm not saying I would be any different. MOL

    Tommy, you look cute with your paw up like that.

    And Tama Chan, best wishes for your little ones when they come.

  23. I'm like a nervous aunt! And naughty Yuu-chan, but that is so funny :)

  24. Have been anxiously awaiting news of Tama-Chan and her kittens...guess they will come in good time, but the waiting is hard. Poor Yuu-chan, missing his #1 to sleep sad, he had to console himself by raiding the refrigerator *g*. Good luck to all of you from all of us!

  25. We hear congratulations are in order! Hope everyone is doing well!

  26. we love your tennis balls, Tom. we would love to help you play with them.

    we're anxious to hear about TamaChan. are all of the children going to be living with you? it's very exciting to have babies!


  27. 3 boys and a girl? Wonderful! concats! we can't wait to see photos!!!

  28. So what is happening ? Nothing posted on Friday !! And nothing today....
    Please, #1, help !


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