Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tama-Chan's Tiny Toesday!

Tama-Chan: Hello everyone! The kittens and I also got our room decorated last night! We have stockings, and lights! Pictures further down... But first, as it is Toesday, I thought I would give pride of place to my little brood, who have some pretty cute toes to show off!

This one was a few days ago. A real classic, I think...

Here are a couple more:

and one more...

And now our Christmas decorations. We have a nice sign that says Merry Christmas in French, and a fun mobile with Santas and trees hanging from the ceiling.

The kittens each have their own tiny stocking:

and of course I have my rather larger one!

Before leaving you, I also wanted to include a rather fetching toes shot from my little sister Sei-Chan:

Oh, and #1 asked me to let you know that she is absolutely frantic with work deadlines and Christmas preparations, plus guests arriving tomorrow, and so apologises in advance if she cannot visit as much as usual.


  1. Just love the toes...
    and the déco..
    and the kitties....
    And the Miss and the Boys....

    ViVi & AB

  2. O mai goodness! Whitey iz loving allo those bebbeh toes!

    Akshully, we are all loveing those toesies! How does #1 ever get ANYthing done?!

  3. Extra special Toesday, that's for sure! Time to trim those lil' daggers...oh and how momcats hate that--I have to put them in another room when I trim kitten claws because the momcats get so concerned at their cries. I finally wised up this last litter and found an easy way to trim tiny kitten claws. I used to use baby human nail clippers, but now use cuticle nippers and they work great and it's easier to see the claw.


  4. Oh what cute kitten toes the babies have! And your decorations are great - I am glad all the babies get a stocking!

  5. Adorable toes. How sweet the Christmas decorations are, specially for the kittening room.

    Does Tama Chan not meow to get out of the room some of the time?

    Good luck with all the deadlines and Christmas rush.

  6. Awwwww ~ we just love those tiny toes! Re the tiny Chrismouse stockings ~ do they S-T-R-T-C-H? 'Cos we're thinking those cute little kitties are gonna be top of Santa's list!

  7. Lovely toesies all around! Little kitten claws are a special treat and Sei-chan's toesies are just nommable :D

    9 and Chani

  8. The toe photos are brillant and the stockings!

    We really enjoyed them all!

    love and woofs

  9. Tama Chan
    Youw babies have pwecious little toesies, I hope those stockings get filled wif wondewful twaets fow all of you
    smoochie kisses

  10. Toes, toes, toes, and more toes - all so beautiful. Very festive kitty room.

    Don't worry about us, we are all in the same boat right now.

    Woos, Thunder and Phantom

  11. Please don't hurt me little khytty toes!

    Woo have some furry skhary khlaws!

    Don't worry 'bout the visits - we have skhrambled brains here too!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  12. Tama-Chan, your babies are ADOREABLE and have ADORABLE little feet!!!

  13. Precious! All the pretty toesies today.

  14. What adorable little toes. They make me feel like I have big clunky feet. Your decorations look great.

    Your friend,

  15. Those kittens just make us SQUEEEE!

  16. Mum is going SQEEEEE at the little toes.

  17. Thanks for the toesie fix! Squeeee!!!!

  18. Those toes have us dreaming of pitter patter sounds. We can't wait for when the little ones will be up and about.

  19. Ooooh, those sharp little claws on your bootiful belleh, TC!


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