Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tick-Tock Tuesday

Tom: #1 says the clock is now ticking, counting down to her getting out of the door at 6:30am tomorrow morning. Our Australian friends have arrived and Steve has already been throwing the Frisbee for me. He is GREAT!

As this will be our last post for a few days at least (#1 is spending her first few days away in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and will not be online at all), we thought we would post a selection of photos of us she has taken over the last few days, so that you can have your fill of us!

Let's start with Tama-Chan playing with her green mousie this morning:

and lounging in the run yesterday evening:

Sei-Chan, on the other hand, prefers to remain indoors when it's hot:

When she's not playing with her favourite woofie:

As for me, I have an ultimate garland in the hair shot for you:

Now,  before we leave you, we do have a wonderful story to tell you. On Sunday evening, we were honoured by a visit from a "Queen" we know. She was on her way back home from Paris, and was heavily pregnant, although the birth was supposed to be a day or two away still. When she arrived, she was welcomed with all the honours due to her rank, and offered the best accommodations, with which she was already familiar, and the finest of dinners. She ate her meal and settled herself on the bed, and it all felt so very fine to her that she decided to grace us with the happiest of events! Six gorgeous kittens were born under our roof that night in a quick, easy and smooth labour! One red and five ruddy Aby babies! And there were smiles, and there was joy in the house!



  1. Oh my!

    Aren't all the pikhs soooo purrrrfekht and HANDSOME!

    Khongrats on the khuties!

    Safe travels to Khanada!

    We shall miss all of woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo again fur all your GOLDEN efFURTs fur Laska!

  2. WOW, lots of excitement at your house! Congratulations Vina del Mar! Safe trip to #1. Have fun with Frisbee Steve Tom!


  3. That garland is great. Perhaps you are ready for a little Shake Spear in the park.

    Look at all those kitties. Do you think any will get left behind to live with you?


  4. Tom-kun,
    with a nice harvest
    you look so happy,
    and you are cute
    with a garland
    on your lovely ear.

    Plus must be blissful moment!!

  5. Oh wow, oh wow! What an amazing experience! The babies are so very precious.

    #1, have a lovely time in Canada! We will look foward to tales of your trip when you return:)

  6. Our momma would like to take each and every one of those babies and kiss it and cuddle it and then kiss it some more. Our momma goes crazy over little babies!

  7. wow congrats - that is so exciting

    woodrow sweetie mj

  8. It just shows how comfortable and loving your home is!
    Hope #1 has a wonderful time in Canada and you enjoy your Australian guests.

  9. Wow, kittens just want I want to have a belly full of again! :) They really are gorgeous and just so lickable too... Please, please give them all a lick from me and do tell me who the gorgeous father is, so I can add him to my list of dream boyfriends at the moment! ;)

    Isis & Setra too
    XX xx

  10. oh wow, baby kitties! what a blessed event to have them born right there. Vina del Mar looks perfectly contented with her babies. Did Sei-chan get to see her mama again or was it thought best to keep them separate? The pictures of Tom and Tama-chan are wonderful, too...Tom is managing to look both manly and cute at the same time. #1, have a safe and wonderful trip to Canada!

  11. We wanted to wish #1 a very safe and fast trip for tomorrow. It is nice to know that she will be able to blog once in a while during July. Concats to Viña del Mar! We can't wait to see the same thing happening at your place.
    Purrs and noselicks, Siena & Chilli

  12. Congratulations, Vina del Mar! Such lovely babies you have :)

    Have a safe fun trip to Canada, #1!

    9 and Chani

  13. nice photos. we think a trip to the local library to use their WiFi is a big deal. Yeah, that is what it has come to.
    Hope your trip is more exciting than ours!

  14. ohmygosh! Look at all those plump little kittehs! So kyoot!

    We know you are in good hands while #1 is away, and we wish her a very enjoyable trip!

  15. Ah, lovely! That was certainly a satisfying post, but I'm not sure we will ever get enough of Tommy, Tama-Chan, and Sei-Chan. The Queen mother looks so content with her sweet kittens. Tommy's garland pic is wonderfu.
    Have a very good time on your trip!

  16. What gorgeous babies! Vina del Mar is such a great mother.

    Thanks for giving me a nice Tama-Chan fix before you go on holiday!

  17. Wow! What an exciting visit!! We loved the photos - the little man was really excited at the photos of the little kittens!

    That photo of Tommy with the stick in his mouth is also gorgerous!

    Have a safe trip tomorrow,
    take care
    Clive and all the gang

  18. Such sweet kitties. Have a wonderful trip and we will have to keep coming back to this post to get our fix of the day from all of you.

    Woos, TD and Phantom

  19. What beautiful little baby kittens!

    Enjoy your trip. Safe travels!

  20. Those babies are beautiful!!! Such nice pictures of all of you! Jen and I hope #1 has a great trip!!!!

  21. Gratz to the new mom and her beautiful babes! We hope #1 has a safe journey and Ms. C is looking forward to seeing her on her own trip next month!

    Abby & Stygia

  22. Lugenberg! Lobster! Your #1 gets to eat lobster! YUM!

    And speaking of YUM-those are very yummy pictures of those new Aby babies-what a happy mum, too!
    Congratulations, all!

  23. Oh my goodness! Sei Chan is getting SO big so fast! We love the pictures, and we LOVE your new header guys! Hope you enjoy your time away from the blogosphere :)

    Woofs and wags,
    Benson, Gibson, Sasha & Theodore

  24. Pee Ess - CONGRATULATIONS on the little ones! Woo-hoo!!!!!


  25. #1, I will miss you terribly. Between the photos and the commentary, it makes my heart ache to know that I have to wait for you to return before I will see more. Please be safe on your travels so I can have more of your blog to read!

    Also, I really like what you have done with your header. Did you do that yourself, or did someone do it for you?

  26. Congratulations, Vina del Mar! What an honor it is that you all got to welcome six precious lives into the world. She must be so proud to have such beautiful babies. I hope #1 has a safe trip.

  27. Hi Tom kun, Tama chan and Sei chan!
    久しぶり! 元気そうですね!

  28. Wow! You sure have had a lot of excitement at your house! What great pictures.


  29. OMG, those kitten pics are the cutest ever!

  30. How wonderful....those sweet little babies! Loved the photo of the garland on your head too :)

  31. Ooh Sei-Chan you has such purrty kittens to play with, I is most jealous - though I do have Keekai to play with! ;) Keekai is my other bestest friend now you know, she is very good at playing nice with me and always let's me play what I want! I shall insist that Mummy looks around and sees if she can find me more friends like Keekai and then maybe I can sends you one for playing and lovein' with! :)


  32. We are super late but oh my those are wonderful pictures. And the babies are so tiny and cute! Congrats to their mom!


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