Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tails! Toes! Tongues! It's Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: We often concentrate on toes on this day of the week but we find ourselves with an array of "T' photos and we can therefore offer you a highly varied posting, encompassing various body parts!

Let's start with TAILS. A couple of days, with the weather finally warming up, #1 opened wide the window in her bedroom. It has a screen on it, so we hopped on to the radiator to play and enjoy the view.

As for toes, I have to admit that my baby sister Sei-Chan is the queen of the household in that category. Here are some views of her pearly pinks...

And finally to TONGUES! There were some, ahem , "Khomments" yesterday following the shots of Tommy's tongue, so we decided to give you... the ultimate tongues shot!

Pretty awesome, don't you think?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Sei-Chan's growing up so quickly. She's almost your size, TC!

    Thanks for the gratuitous Tommy tongue shot!

  2. That is super awesome, Tommy! We can only dream of the amount of treats you could sweep up with that tongue!

  3. Wow. We can not believe how long and grown up Sei-Chan is already!

    Tommy, you are the Dude!

  4. Sei-Chan in particular is also showing some lovely frootbatitude! She certainly is growing up fast. And it's delightful to see how long and slender both of you are...very different body types than anyone in our household! We all laughed out loud at the Tommy tongue photo...that's one tired, happy, pup, with a longgggg pink tongue! We're sure Khyra will enjoy it :).

  5. Tailz, toez, tonguez, catz, dogz, our momma is swooning! She gotz alla' her bestest fixez right here!

  6. Sei-Chan has the prettiest, purrfectest pinky toes I have ever seen!

  7. That would make the bestest ice khream skhoop!

    Tank woo fur sharing the Tommy Tongue on T!T!T! TUESDAY!

    PeeEssWoo: The tails and toes are khute too!

  8. Sei-Chan, your toes are big, but certainly, not as big as Tommy's tongue. I'm a little afraid of that tongue, Tommy, my boy. Please don't lick me!

  9. Sei-Chan's toes look like cute little Pink Pearl erasers!

  10. Dose are sure some mighty pink toes, tongues and even sorta pink tails! mewmewmew Just kitten about the tails.

  11. The two girls playing on the window are breathtaking!
    and Tommy your tongue gives some fresh....

    ViVi and AB

  12. Sei-chan is getting so big! Love her adorable pink toesies :)

    Very impressive tail and tongue pictures too!

    9 and Chani

  13. Tails, tongues, toes and Tuesday. Perfect!

  14. Great action shots! Wow, Sei-Chan is growing fast.
    Tom you have a very long tongue, that is impotant when it is hot outside you can good cool down.
    Luna, Luzie, Olli and Patch

  15. Hahaha Tommy doode! I bet you is a hit with the ladees and not just for your good looks and happy personality *wink wink* hehe
    Sei-Chan you does have the most daintiest of toesies.
    And girls those little whippy tails.. you can whip me with those any day... well just tap more than whip :p hehehe

  16. what cute toes and Tom, a very impressive tongue!

    We love spending time in the windows! We're glad it's warm enough for #1 to open the windows and let the fresh air in!!

    Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom and Velcro

  17. Your tails are very long and slinky girls! But I like Tommy's tongue shot best. He looks like he is enjoying himself.

    Your friend,

  18. Khomments??? You couldn't possible be referring to Khyra, now could you?;-)

    Cute tails and toes, and look at that tongue - almost forms a good soup ladle:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  19. Love the "T" pictures, I am waiting for lots of warm and sunny weather to have mum open our windows wide open.

  20. Sei Chan yer toesies are so pawsomely pink and clean.

    Tama Chan yoo has the puurrfect tall tail.

    Tommy dood as long as yoo dun drool on us kittehs yer lookin cool wif dat tongue.

  21. Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan almost look like twins now!!

    Tommy... Gene Simmons must be jealous of that tongue!!

  22. I love the shot of Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan half upright with their tails parallel--you couldn't stage that if you tried! :D Tommy, my fluffy-eared boy, that's an excellent let-it-all-hang out tongue ya got there!

  23. great pics - cute feets



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