Sunday, 28 June 2009

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Summer has come full-force at last. It is sunny and hot and supposed to get up to over 30C (high 80s) in the next few days. Our house is relatively cool, especially downstairs, but #1 is considering getting out our electric fans. She is very busy at the moment, as she is getting ready to abandon us for a whole month from Wednesday to go off to Canada. Our house/pet-sitters, a wonderful Aussie couple who have been here before, are arriving tomorrow, so we will struggle through somehow...

We're not sure how much posting we will be able to do whilst #1 is gone, so this may be our last snuggly Sunday feature for a little while. Let me kick off with our very own love bug, Sei-Chan, and our soppy brother Tommy:

Those two have a major thing going! But fear not, I still get my Tommy-time and he is big enough and sweet enough to provide all the love that both of us need!

Now that we're spending so much time outside in our run, #1 says she has fewer opportunities to take pictures of the two of us snuggling but she still managed to get a good one this week:


  1. We hope #1 has the most wonderful time in Canada! What an exciting adventure:)

    Tommy, you are an inspiration to all woofies:)

  2. Tommy, you look like a snuggle bunny alright! The girls can not resist your snuggly charms!

    We wish #1 a very nice trip. It sounds like fun!

  3. You three have such a sweet relationship!

  4. Oh Tommy!

    Woo are surely SOOOOOO not a Sibe!

    Tank woo fur sharing those khute pikhs!

    Whatever we will do without woo whilst #1 is over 'here'?!?


  5. marvelous..I always wanted to go there....have lots of fun...enjoy and take care....

    Tom, Tama and sweet Sei behave...we hope for you time will fly:))

  6. Make sure to take lots of photos while in Canada, #1! We will miss you lots.

    Tommy, please teach Ares how to get along with me. I think he could learn from your fine example. You are so calm and mellow.

  7. Tommy, I have my Grete dog study your snuggle cat moves...we have hope that someday I too can snuggle with my woofie...I can get in a few ears licks now, but that's about all.

    We will miss you while #1 is away, but it sounds like a great trip.

  8. Those are nice pikshers! :)

  9. Dear #1, I think you have the sweetest little dog and cat family ever! Tommy is so lovely to snuggle with the girls!
    It is very hot here too -- has been in the low 100's, so we are definitely staying inside with the a/c. Better get your fans out!
    Have a great trip to Canada...west or east coast?

  10. How wonderful! There's so much to do and see in Canada, I hope #1 has a lovely time. You know she'll miss you somethin' awful, don't you? I will, too!

  11. The way you two interact with Tommy is just so cute!!

  12. those are sweet photos.

    we hope that we will hear from you while #1 is travelling, but understand if you don't get to post. we will miss you though.


  13. Ooohhh, Anne of Green Gables country! I've always wanted to go there. Have a lovely time and be sure to take some good pictures to post upon your return!

  14. Those snuggle picture are so lovely. Have fun in Canada #1!!! We'll miss you.

    9 and Chani

  15. Tommy - you are such a wonderful dog! We wish Clive could be so sweet to Tinkerbell!

    We wish #1 a safe trip and hope she has a great time in Canada. We'll miss you all.

    Take care
    - the little man's mum and the rest of the gang!

  16. The month away will be ambivalent for #1 we bet! On one paw it will be fantastic in Canada on the other paw she will miss you all so much. Hopefully she will take loads of pictures and show them on the blog. Your Aussie sitters HAVE to provide us with our fix every now and then. That should be a prerequisite for getting chosen as a sitter!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  17. A month is a long time. I will have to live without your updates! I bet you guys will all have fun getting special treats and stuff while she is gone.


  18. Tommy loves his girls (and can you blame him)!

    Hopefully you can train those Aussies to help you with your blogging so I can still get my Poupounette fix!

  19. Ok, you guys have to knock it off now! My mom thinks if you guys can snuggle all the time, then I should be able to snuggle with Chester too, and I just won't have it.
    Mom says you guys are just too cute.

  20. Cuddles on sunday are great. These are really cute pictures!
    Hope you have a great time in Canada and our furry friends with the Aussie cat/housesitters have fun too.

    Have a safe trip!
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  21. Very nice pictures, you three are just so spécial!
    This sunday is just memorable

    ViVi & AB

  22. The pictures are lovely! (We want a Tommy too, he's ever so cute)

    We're sure you'll be fine when #1 is away, and we hope she has a wonderful trip.

    Cliff and Olivia

  23. Those are great snuggle pictures! I hope #1 has a good time in Canada - we will miss your posts while she is gone but we will look forward to when you are all back!


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