Friday, 5 June 2009

Frootbat Friday!

Tama-Chan: It's me again! I am in a blogging mood at the moment and #1 said I could do two in a row. Today is of course Frootbat Friday, and before we get to us girls, I  thought I would show you a different kind of frootbat:

That, dear friends, is what our beloved squirrels look like. Now do you understand why nobody wants to harm there here? Plus he has great colouring, doesn't he?! By the way, #1 didn't take that photo, although she wishes she had!

Now on to me, and my little sister, of course! #1 has been busy this week and here are the results.

Sunny Frootbat:

Shadow Frootbat:

Sleepy Frootbat:

and of course the Double Frootbat!

And, last but not least, we would never dream of leaving out Tommy's Flying Ears Friday shot!

He was running to #1 when she called him. Isn't he sweet?!


  1. That squirrel has a super floof tail! I wish we had squirrels in New Zealand.

    I also wish we had Tama-Chan in New Zealand...

  2. Happiest Frootbat Friday, furriends!
    Wonderful frootbatty offering today. Chilli is by the way considering of asking Tommy to join the Silky and Slender Crew. He's slender and those flying ears are oh so silky. Maybe you girls could find out what he thinks about being the only doggy around...
    One of Siena's nicknames is squirrel. Those tails are amazing!
    We're still on blogcation but had a special honouring post today for Siena's BSIF Momo.
    Love, Siena & Chilli

  3. Your squirrel is gorgeous! It must be fun looking for the cutie in the trees.

    Tommy, you are the sweetest woofie on the interwebs!:)

  4. Okay!

    We'll put THAT skhwirrel on the protekhted list!

    What khute Froot Bat pikhs!

    Of khourse, my favourite is the Tommy running to meet #1 Happy Ears!


  5. Hey! Well done on the pictures #1! I love flying ears Friday Tom, you always look so happy. The girls are a little harder to read, being cats...and girls. But I love Tom's enthusiasm.


  6. What great frootbats!! I still think I would like to chase that squirrel though!

  7. Squirrels are delectable! I am licking my lips right now just staring at that photo. He's not cute - he's lunch!

    Adorable frootbat photos as always. You should all go into modeling!

  8. Awwww! Your squirrels are completely kyoot! They look oddly familiar somehow...

  9. What a beautiful red squirrel. The greys have taken over here completely - which is such a shame! Had two chasing around ignoring me this morning - I was not impressed!!

    lots of woofs

    PS - love the first frootbat photo in particular!

  10. SERIOUSLY CUTE SQUIRREL ALERT!!! Ours are in no way that cute. They are grey and fat and....well very common. You ladies have such elegant frootbats. Tom, you just make the LL smile which is so important to her right now!!

    P.S. We didn't know if you wanted to have us paw it forward to you? We would love to if you don't mind :).

  11. Yeah! We're happy you want to play again. Please send your address to ljparryATgmailDOTcom.


  12. Oh I wish we had those French squirrels here in NC. They are soooooo much prettier than our boring grey tree rats. I do like your sunny frootbat ears. Very lovely. Of course Tommy's ears are excellent. Good thing he doesn't have a little brother to chew on them.

    Your friend,

  13. damn squirrels - going to ride the us of them

    great pics


  14. Tommy, you are very sweet indeed. Love all the frootbattage today. Thank you!

  15. If we had THOSE kind of squirrels here, we wouldn't have to fuss about them, those are cool lookin little dudes! We need to start doing Frootbat Friday, we have the ears for it. :)

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  16. Awwww, what a cute squirrel. Much cuter than the ones here in NYC.

  17. I luvs all you's frootbats! xoxo

  18. OMCUTENESS! We wants one of your squrrills as our very own, his beautiful colours would look so good with ours, we could be like a chocolate cookie, Mushka and the squirril on one side and me (cream ) in the middle.. that would make a good picture no? :P hehe
    Yommy I bet you get the hugest hugs, that expression on your face.. it melts momma much! she wants to cuddle you and go "oggie boogie oggie" hehe

  19. Hi Tom kun Tama chan and Sei chan!
    The squirrel is very beautiful! It is a nice photo!


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