Sunday 7 February 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: The weather this weekend has been conducive to snuggling, but not to photo-taking. It has been raining and grey. We have ben taking it easy.

Since we were short on V&H snuggles last week I thought we would start with those. We have a full complement this week, starting with Mama Hotesse:

Next, we have her two girls, Violette and Heloise:

And finally, The Big V!

You know how we often have pics of #1 in bed, with Genji sitting on top of her, and Ollie by her side? Well, I can play that game too!

And here I am snuggling Ollie:

As for Genji, fear not! He is not short of opportunities to snuggle with #1!

We wish you all a safe and snuggly Sunday.


  1. I love these snuggle pics! I just noticed, you have more horses than pets at home! Wow!

  2. These Sunday snuggle photos are so adorable, but looking back over the past few posts (trying to catch up, actually) they are ALL purrfect!

  3. It is always nice to see your snuggles!
    The snuggles with the horses are pawsome and it's easy to see they love you :)
    I love snuggles in bed too.
    We are getting ready for a major Winter storm with lots of snow. No rain will wash this stuff away!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. The Vs and Hs are all very gentle with their snuggles. You all give the best snuggles.

  5. Those were all fabulous snuggles and y'all look so happy!

  6. Lovely snuggles from al!!! Mom says you would think we would be having a snuggly day with temps in the single digits, but heck no!!! We are keeping her busy letting us out one at a time, two at a time, and then begging us to come in. Even Lightning wants to stay out there.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Woo! Hoo! A full complement of snuggles on Sunday! We LOVE Sundays! We have super cold! The temperature dropped for 5c to -15c since yesterday and we are to have COLD all week. We are NOT looking forward to that! May you and yours today be filled with fun!

  8. Its snuggle weather here, too...snowy and bitterly cold, so we need snuggles to stay warm.

    Loved seeing all you in snuggle mode:)

  9. Those are all such great snuggle pictures.

  10. Good day to snuggle here too, way too cold. Yes, they make heated drinking vessels for birds and other animals! Or immersion heaters to put in water for horses and cows. Everyone needs to drink!

  11. Beautiful snuggle pictures ! Purrs


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