Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends! I confess that I don't have any exciting news for you today. Our routine has been pretty much unchanged, enjoying sunpuddles and #1's company. We do have some rain in the forecast for the coming days, though, so #1 and Ollie might spend a little less time in the garden.

Window whiffies have continued to take up a good portion of my time.

"Hello #1. Let me pose nicely for you!"

"Oh! Was that a lizard?"

"Sorry, #1. One does get distracted sometimes..."

And I continue to work diligently on my upward dangles and my cuteness:

Don't forget to join us again tomorrow as we will be celebrating a birthday!


  1. oh you have lizards? wow! we saw one in the south while picking up da nelly, but in our area they are either not common or they wear a magic hood

  2. The lizards are running here too!

  3. I was intrigued smiling seeing a photo of him sleeping on his back ... so funny.

    Regards from Indonesia

  4. You know how to relax, Tama! We had heavy rain through the night, and light rain is forecast through to the weekend. The garden does need it though.

  5. Tama-Chan, you and our Sweetie are so alike, although she it's going paws-up yet. But for lady cats who once were mommas but are now living the life, you two are delightful!

  6. You are looking very well as always Miss Tama-Chan. We love your upward dangle pose.

  7. Love those upward dangles, you're a real pro!

  8. You are such a sweetie pie!

    And we are glad we do NOT have lizards here, MOL! Just newts and salamanders...

  9. Very cute today, Tama-Chan. You are a very pretty lady. We are having some dull days here too, but at least the weather has been decent.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  10. Tama, always a treat to see your lovely pics.


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