Monday, 20 April 2020

Manly Monday

Ollie: There was some rain forecast for the weekend but, in the end, it barely rained at all, so #1 and I were able to hang out in the garden as usual.

Look how green the green is!

Sometimes, I play hide and seek with #1, and hide under the lilac tree!

And, by the end of the day, I am pooped.

Genji: I spent some time out in the cat run.

Here is a shot of me first thing in the morning. I often sleep in the beddie that's just by #1's pillow. That beddie used to belong to Ikkyu, #1's first cat!

And here is a GloBat pic of me waiting to be served!

Vidock: Handsome Neighs, EveryFriend! Still no new pics of us. Believe it or not, Ms. C did take some pics for #1 but she is having trouble uploading them and, as everyone is confined, she can't ask anyone for help. So, here is another dip into he archives.

Here is a pic from the summer of 2016, as I was about to set off to the woods with some pals:

Here is one of me and my shadow from the summer of 2017:

And this is me in jail, also in the summer of 2017, just after I had my operation for laryngeal hemiplegia. #1 was supposed to take the veterinary surgeon who operated on me to Japan this month so he could teach them his technique, but the trip has obviously been postponed.

We wish you all a good week. Stay safe. Stay healthy!


  1. it's great that we made so much memories we can use now when we feel sad at home.... we have rain too, it is welcome but not for our hours of walking time LOL

  2. These are all handsome manly photos. We had a couple of hours of heavy rain through Saturday night. It always amazes me how quickly a drop of rain greens everything up.

  3. That lush green sure is pretty and y'all look quite happy. I know you'll sure be glad to see #1 Vidock.

  4. That was a pretty good glow-bat image, Genji!
    We are nowhere near as springy as you all are, but we are hoping it will come along soon.

  5. Lovely lilacs - that's still months away for us.

  6. We like the lilac too. Vidock, you are so handsome. You all have a great day.

  7. Your garden is beautiful, it's nice that you can enjoy some outdoor time ! Purrs

  8. We had the same thing happen here with the weather, just a few drops instead of downpours. You are all looking great today, and we are sorry we missed your Snuggle post yesterday. We will do better next week.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  9. Hi boys! You all look fab. We love your garden, too.

  10. You boys are all looking great...even from the way back machine. Genji we do love your stripey glow bat look.

  11. Wow, everything is so green around you! It’s not quite so green around here. In fact, last week we had some snow! Hopefully that’s the last time.

  12. Glad you are having nice weather for staying home.

  13. Your green is so vivid!! And your lilacs are in bloom! Ours still have to finish getting their leaves, LOL!


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