Thursday, 2 April 2020

Tama-Chan Thursday

Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends! You didn't think I was going to give up my weekly slot completely, did you? I was of course happy to leave Tuesday for little Blue Boy to celebrate his birthday, but this was in the full knowledge that there was Thursday, and here I am.

It has been another good week for me. The weather has been nice and there have been plenty of sunpuddles to relax in:

I went out to take a quick look at the state of the cat run:

I basked in my favourite basking spot:

And I scored big time when #1 was kind enough to share her Almond chocolate Magnum bar with me!

I would call that pretty much the perfect life, wouldn't you?


  1. oh how great that you love ice cream too! we hope it is still available in stores now ;O)

  2. You have it made in the shade, Tama-Chan...or, rather, in the sun!

  3. Tama day was perfection from start to finish!

  4. You sure lead a charmed life Miss Tama-Chan. We hope you continue to get lots of sun puddles to lounge in.

  5. You sure have it made and you sure do deserve it too!

  6. You do have an awesome life, Tama.

  7. Those almond Magnums are my favourite too!
    We also have been getting lots of sun at last, but it is cold with the wind.

  8. Tama-Chan, you had such a wonderful time enjoying some sunpuddles. We just love these gorgeous photos. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  9. What a pawsome week you have had Tama!
    Glorious sunshine,naps,outdoor time and ice cream!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie


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