Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We have three more weeks of confinement here in France, until May 11, and we are planning on enjoying every moment of #1 being at home with us!

The weather has stayed spring-like and the cat run is now part of our every day excursions.

But I always find time to enjoy my favourite scratcher nap location:

And to keep up my dangling skills:

And on the subject of dangling, here is another of my signature 4-up dangles:

My eyes were closed because of the amount of concentration required.

And to close for today, a nice close-up portrait:

Oh, I almost forgot! I need to run something past you. #1 had to shift bathrooms for a few days as the shower in hers needed repairing. She moved some of her gels and shampoos with her, and I noticed this one:

Abyssinian oil?! Do you think we should be worried?

Stay well, stay healthy, everyone!


  1. we hope there are no kitties in that conditioner LOL. we talked yesterday with da breeder of da phenny, she said the peeps are up for revolution and no one will send da kids to school may 11th.... so it seems our jail time could be even longer....

  2. Whoa! I did a double take when I saw that bottle of shampoo too. I'm not sure what to make of it... all I know is that when my coat gets oily, it doesn't get curly. It just gets flat. And I do have Aby blood. So go figure.

  3. You do have a lovely run to relax in, Tama. It is good to see you are keeping up with your expert dangles.
    Oh dear! I hope there are no Abyssinians in that hair conditioner!
    I used to use Mane and Tail for horses before it became shampoo for humans too.

  4. EEKS!!!! That's scary, what the heck is in that shampoo?!?

  5. You are looking very good today Miss Tama-Chan. We especially love your dangle maneuvers. That shampoo bottle is a bit troubling for sure.

  6. Tama-Chan, your 4-up dangles are amazing and adorable! I had to google that Abyssinian oil thing to find out! It's a seed oil from the plant called Crambe abyssinica. So you don't have to be worried :-)

  7. We love that you get out in your run.We also like your 4 up dangle! Pawsome.
    About that oil....
    Well is does NOT say Abyssinian Cat, and you are not full of oil...right?
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  8. Love that cat run fun sweet Tama and that oil should be fine as long as you're not dried out!

  9. Our city may also extend the stay at home order too. It's the best thing to do to control this virus. We hope you are loving the fun times with #1 being home now. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  10. Guess we are staying home until the end of May, can't remember the exact date.

  11. Amazing dangles, Tama ! Thanks to Georgia and Julie, we're glad to know you don't have to worry about that oil ! Purrs

  12. I have never seen conditioner with that kind of oil in it!

    Good thing it really isn't from kitties...MOL!

    Your 4-up dangle is magnificent!


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