Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Ollie's First Birthday!

#1 here. Today is Ollie's first birthday and I feel terrible not being there to celebrate with him. But.... he is in the best of hands, and Mr. G and Ms. N have already started celebrating, and sent the following pics through:

A great card!

Birthday cuddles from Mr. G and Ms. N:

And a gift!


Ollie-Poo, you arrived at a very difficult time, with Da Beebs being so sick. You had never seen a cat and that was a challenge. But you have been a very good boy and it has been wonderful to watch you grow up into a fine young man. I can't wait to see you again, and it's now only a week away!

Oh, and in case you had forgotten. this is Ollie the day after he arrived at Poupounette Central, at Dr. C's for a check-up (photo by Mr. G)

We also received this fabulous birthday card for Ollie from Wags and Wiggles. Thank you!



  1. Happy Happy Birthday dear Ollie!!!! have the bestest day and a wonderful year with so many good and new things efurry day

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Ollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We purr you have a wonderful and fun day.
    You can celebrate again when #1 gets home!!

    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  3. Happy birthday Ollie - #1 will be home soon with even more birthday treats!!

  4. Happy Happy Oliver Day!

    We've got no doubts #1 will make it up to you with soooo much interest!

    All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
    PeeEssWoo: NAK's HandSUMM Hunk Malamute BF also had today as his special birthday...such a PAWty over The RB !

  5. Happy Birthday, Oliver! My, how time flies, and you'll be enjoying hugs from #1 before you know it.

  6. Happy Birthday Ollie! It looks like you are having a great celebration. We're sure #1 will bring you lots of extra treats from her trip.

  7. Happy birthday, Ollie! You sure have grown into a fine young man!

  8. Awww, Happy Birthday Ollie! I know you'll sure be excited to see #1 next week.

  9. Happy Birthday, Ollie! The first one is SO exciting!!

    Enjoy your special day and we think you'll get another 'pawrty' when your #One comes home from her trip.

    Wags & Wiggles
    Dalton, Benji & Pipo
    Hugs form Petcretary Ingrid

  10. Happy Birthday Ollie - and many more !

  11. Happy Birthday to Ollie! We bet there will be another celebration when #1 gets home.

  12. Happy belated birthday, Ollie! I don't know how I managed to miss your post, but I'm here now!

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