Sunday, 6 October 2019

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I am happy to report that we got in our share of snuggling before #1 left, and so I do have photos to share with you this week.

Let me start with the Vs as they so often end up at the end. Here is The Big V with #1:

And Miss Violette!

They really are both excellent snugglers!

I continued to snuggle with #1 in the evenings when she was here:

Whereas young Ollie does morning snuggles with her:

And Genji is an anytime snuggling kind of guy!

Well, for the next month, we will be snuggling with Mr. G and Ms. N. Hopefully, we can even get some photos up on our blog! We will try to continue blogging as often as we can. but we can't make any promises, and we will probably stink at commenting at times.


  1. Nice pics! I get to snuggle with patients today!

  2. Those were totally wonderful and happy snuggles!

  3. Yeah, I get as many snuggles as I can, helps to keep me warm.

  4. You all gave #1 lots of snuggles to take with her.

  5. We’re glad you got some snuggling in with #1 before she left.


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