Friday, 11 October 2019

Feline Friday With Fuku-Chan

#1 here. As those of you on Facebook will know, my time in Japan has been very much centred on horses so far, but this does not mean that it has been catless!

On Tuesday, I spent part of the day with friends at the racecourse. He is a trainer and she is general caretaker and does all the horse decorations. Aside from horses, they love cats and have several. Today, I would like to introduce the very handsome Fuku-Chan:

This magnificent panther came to his owners when he was a tiny kitten, and he is now 16 years old.

He is much loved by Ms. Y!

He loves the special "Chûru" creamy treats!

But, you see, Fuku-Chan is diabetic and he needs daily insulin injections. Ms. M, Ms. Y's daughter, tests him to adjust the levels as needed:

And then he gets exactly the right amount of insulin.

He is really a very lucky boy!


  1. How nice that Fuku-Chan is so well taken care of!

  2. Fuku-Chan is very handsome!
    WE love that he is so happy and cared for.
    He looks wonderful for 16 too!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Oh my, he really is a most handsome dude!!!

  4. He is a handsome boy, and enjoying his treats.

  5. We have something in common with Fuku-Chan. We love the Churu treats too!


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