Monday, 7 October 2019

Manly Monday

Ollie: #1 keeps looking at these photos and laughing. Any idea why?

She says I am going to trip over "it" one of these days. Humans are a little bit crazy, don't you think?

Genji: You know what? It's getting colder! The heating will have to go on son!

Vidock: Here I am with my girlfriend, Amandine.

Isn't she pretty? And she is not a Percheron like me! Amandine is a Cob Normand, another breed from this same region.


  1. You do have a very long tongue, Ollie!
    Your girlfriend is beautiful, Vidock.

  2. Yes Ollie, you better not trip over that impressive tongue ;) MOL!!
    Genji. it is already cool here and we have had the furnace on :/
    Vidock, your girlfriend is quite pretty :)
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Y'all look wonderful and your gal is beautiful Vidock!

  4. Here's hoping the furnace gets turned on for you, Genji! It's no fun to be shivering.

  5. Ollie that is one long tongue you have. You boys are all looking great and Miss Amandine is a cutie too.

  6. OMC! are going to trip over it!

  7. I hope Olllie grows into that tongue.

  8. MOL, Ollie ! We think we know why #1 is laughing ! Amandine is very pretty, Vidock. Purrs


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