Thursday, 24 January 2019

Thankful Thursday

Da Genj: Mee-Yow, everyone! Genji here. I need to start by apologising for the continuing intermittence of our posting. Welcoming a new puppy has proved rather more complicated and time-consuming than we expected, and #1 has not had the energy.

The big issue is that Ollie had never seen a cat before he got here. He also had never really lived inside a house, so he ended up being over-stimulated, and he would yap and yap every time he saw one of us. Tama, being Queen, just looked him up and down and stayed put, but Da Beebs and I were pretty stressed out by it. #1 had made the whole study area inaccessible to Ollie so we went up there to hide, and we ate very little for the first couple of days. #1 was pretty worried about Beebs because he needs to take medication at the moment, and eat to put weight back on. Anyway, it looks like little Ollie is a real sweetheart and a very fast learner. #1 believes that the breakthrough came a couple of evenings ago when he went with her to visit our friends Ms. C and Ms. S, and he met Sophie kitten. She is the same age as him and they figured each other out pretty quickly:

And then yesterday afternoon, this happened:

#1 told me she was incredibly proud of me! And she is pretty proud of Ollie too!

He has been busy being cute:

We are thankful that we have a little brother who is so quick to learn!

Here is a photo of me when I still wasn't too sure about him:

Last but not least on today's thankful list is Da Beebs' vet visit on Monday. As #1 was also taking Ollie, Mr. G and Ms. N also came with us. After the blood was drawn from Bibi to try and figure out his weight loss, he explored Dr. C's office (photos by Mr.G):

We were very thankful that the results showed no sign of any kidney problems or diabetes, but they did show an infection and liver issues. So, Da Beebs is on antibiotics for six days and must return next Monday for a second blood test. Dr. C is optimistic that it can be cleared up. And talking of clearing up, I am happy to say that "output" issues have also cleared up for all of us!

So, there you have it. A long post to catch up a little. We hope to return to more regular posting soonest. The Vs will catch you up on their news tomorrow.


  1. lots of POTP for da beebs and we hope the meds will do the trick. It's amazing how fast it happened that da Ollie felt like's great to see the picture of you 3 on da couch ...all are relaxed and happy ;O)

  2. Good news for Bibi and we purr it continues to be good news. We will be purring.
    Good news also that Ollie is settling in and becoming more used to cats and maybe will settle down some around them :) He is pretty cute.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Ollie has a lot to learn as a puppy! And of course, the process is a little stressful for you kitties. After all, Tommy already knew how to behave with you guys when you came to live with #1, and Ollie has to start from scratch. But it sounds like he is starting to figure things out. I'm glad that Bibi's vet visit went well, and his issues seem easily treatable!

  4. We are glad your Vet visit went well Da Beebs and we're thankful that little Ollie is catching on quickly!

  5. Puppy raising is tough work. We're glad to hear you all are figuring things out and getting along well. That Ollie sure is a cutie.

  6. Bibi, you are so cute, and we hope that you feel better soon on your meds! Ollie, you'd best learn your cat manners, sweetie!

  7. Glad Ollie is learning so fast and I hope things keep getting better with efurryone! Image of Tama-Chan looking Ollie up and down made me chuckle...she IS a queen :-)
    I purr for Bibi-Chan xo

  8. We keep purring for Bibi. Little Ollie has so much to learn, he has found great teachers with all of you ! Purrs

  9. Ollie will learn quickly, and we know you kitties will help him figure it out. He sure is a cutie. We are thrilled to hear that things are looking better for Da Beebs - hope the meds clear everything up.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Ollie and all you kitties will be playing with each other in no time. #1 has a lot of work to do but she will have no problems. Thanks for sharing the update. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  11. I am glad Da Beebs results were mostly good, and hope the antibiotics quickly clear up the infection.
    I am glad Ollie is a fast learner, and that you are all family so he must be nice.

  12. Feel better Beebs. Hopefully you all will be best buddies really soon.


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