Sunday, 27 January 2019

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends. We are gradually returning to blogging. It is taking a little time to get back up to full speed as Ollie requires a great deal of time and attention.

I cannot tell you how strange it is to do an SoS post without my Tommy. He was the snuggle core of our family, and Ollie has some way to go before we can snuggle with him. So, what to do? As you know, we Chans do not as a rule snuggle together. So, at this stage, most of the snuggling is taking place with #1 or Mr.G and family.

Here is Genji, gone undercover with #1:

And here is Genji snuggling with #1 whilst she is also snuggling with Ollie!

And we suspect that Ollie and Fernant will be snuggling together pretty soon!

For now, Ollie really loves to snuggle with #1:

And we also have a lovely photo of Ollie snuggling with Ms.N. taken by Mr. G:

Ollie does seem to be a bit of a snuggle magnet. Yesterday evening, he and #1 went to have dinner with some friends from Kenya, amd he certainly enjoyed all the attention he got from Ms.M!

Here is a pre-Ollie pic of My Beebs undercover with #1. He hasn't yet gone back to sleeping with her. He is eating better, though, so we are crossing all paws that he will put some of that weight back on. It has not been easy for #1 to give him his meds...

This week, we have some nice snuggle pics with the Vs! Let's start with The Big V, Vidock:

And here is Miss Violette:

Lastly, Dear Friends, today is exactly one month since we lost our beloved Tommy, so here is a pic of me snuggling with him when I was little:

And one of #1 snuggling with Tommy a few days before he left us:


  1. Nice snuggle pics! I'm snuggling with cat show visitors this weekend.

  2. Dear Tama and Gang I feel for you all during this time of transition. Tommy has left a hole in your hearts and your home. It is good to see you snuggl8ng with #1. It is good to see little Ollie snuggling too. Enjoy your Sunday and keep on snuggling! Sending lots of purrs!
    Sami-Chan xx

  3. We love the snuggle pics!
    We purr Bibi will continue to improve.
    We think Ollie may be a good snuggle buddy when he grows out of the puppy stage ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Lovely to see the snuggle pics again. I think that before long Ollie will be a snuggler with all of you too.

  5. Those are all great snuggle pictures. We're glad to hear the Beebs is doing better too.

  6. Those are wonderful snuggle photos and we hope you get to snuggle with Ollie soon. We hope Da Beebs is all better soon.

  7. Meow meow TamaChan what a lovelee post you did!! There are so many snuggellss goin on at Poupounette Central...furry guud to see....
    An it does not seem like a month all ready....wee miss Tommy too an are happy Numburr 1 'dopted Ollie.....
    Love to all you Chanss an Ollie an Vee Horsess!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  8. Lovely photos of the whole family!

  9. It is a good day to snuggle here. All cold and going to snow tonight!

  10. Such great snuggling pics. Ollie does seem to be a snuggle magnet :-) We hope Bibi-Chan will feel better soon.
    We miss Tommy and it was lovely to see his photos. xo

  11. We sure hope Bibi-Chan feels better soon.Ollie, you sure look like you are into that snuggling. You sure are one cute pup. Sending good thoughts to Bibi-Chan.

  12. Smiles and tears in the same khomment -

    We KNOW NAT and NAK are enjoying the next adventures en France!

    AND YES, we would NOT be napping should woo be ici avec Les Blondes

    NAK and The Blondes

  13. How we miss dear Tommy! We are sure he is channeling Ollie to teach him the art of kitty snuggles:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. We’re glad you all were able to get some snuggles in. Ollie is learning quickly! And we love those Tommy snuggles. He was the best snuggler...wasn’t he?

  15. Your snuggle pictures are wonderful! We LOVE Ollie! being young and rambunctious he might take a while before he cuddles with the Chans. But I bet it won't be too long before he snuggles with Fernant! And The Vs don't look cold at all though #1 does!

  16. Look at all the wonderful snuggling photos. We hope your doing ok with missing Tommy. Hopefully snuggles from the other fur babies will make you feel better. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals


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