Saturday, 28 September 2013

SEIturday Sighs...

Sei-Chan: You may find this hard to believe but #1 has gone off again. She left us yesterday evening, reminding us that this was the last weekend in september and therefore, like every year, the time of the French National Percheron Championships. She will be working all day Saturday and Sunday, facilitating for foreign visitors, and she is also MC'ing the horse sale on Saturday evening. She'd better not do any shopping is all we have to say!

Anyway, she is returning on Sunday evening and has sworn that she will not be going anywhere at all for the whole of October!

I have been spending time in the basket above her desk, making sure I know everything that's going on...

I have also been simultaneously supervising the kitchen and enjoying late season sunpuddles:

And of course gracing #1's bed on every available occasion!

She will doubtless be missing me this weekend...

We are being looked after and spoiled by the very nice Ms. M who hails from Virginia!

PS: We're likely to be mostly MIA on the comment front until Monday. Our apologies in advance.


  1. We were suspicious that #1 had taken off again after we saw her posts on Facebook.
    We hope she has a safe trip and a good time.
    You kittehz and Tommy rest up while she is gone.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Again!?!? Well, we're on our way over for a party. There's nothing else to be done. Make sure it's sunny.

  3. Now you all need to put your paws down to #1 and tell her that is absolutely IT!!!

  4. We feel your loss of #1 company keenly but it's good that Ms M is there for you guys. We know you would have lots of fun in the meantime.

  5. We hope she has fun! We are taking our stallion to California tomorrow for a Keuring. Yikes!

    Harlow and Monty

  6. You need to tell #1 that she needs to stay close for a while. She's always on the go go go!

  7. I hope #1's knee holds up for the weekend, and she really does take October off to relax and let it get better.

  8. Vous etes tous de pauvres petits chats abandonnés ... ou presque.
    Pas l'air trop malheureux quand même.
    Ton bronzage est de plus en plus beau Sei-Chan, continue comme ça !

  9. You are being deserted again?? What is it with Humans that they have to go wandering. I have heard a rumour that I am soon to be deserted too.

  10. Sei-Chan, we think all of you, including Violette and Vidock, should sit on #1 to make sure she doesn't go away again for awhile! :)

  11. We hope you are spoiled and pampered beyond belief by your sitter. Keeping our fingers crossed that a certain beautiful, adventurous boy doesn't pull a Houbibi.

  12. Yow we iz glad ya has Miss M dere to take care of ya all!! We hopez #1 comez home soon to ya Sei-Chan so ya iz not so sad...
    Ya nose how much yer #1 lubz doez Perchie horsez!!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen xo


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