Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tommy Thursday

Tom: As you can see, I am pursuing my policy of giving you more Tommy exposure! The weather here has been quite stinky the last few days. In fact, the weather lady on TV last night didn't bother with anything too technical. She simply said "horrible"! There has been wind and rain, and rain and wind. Needless to say, I still enjoy my outings just as much even though we can't play with the Frisbee and #1 is not quite as enthusiastic as usual... By the end of each outing, I am various shades of brown and need some major towelling, but it's a small price to pay for this:

Now, as I do not have a lot of floof, I do not need a great deal of combing or maintenance, except for my ears which are magnets for all kinds of things, and need to be combed on a regular basis. I am reluctant to let most people do this, except of course for #1:

And once I am untangled and quite beautiful, I can then lie back and enjoy the sofa at leisure:

In closing, we were touched to receive a nice thank you card from our friends at Under One Roof, in memory of their beloved Itni, who crossed to the Bridge a week ago.


  1. Ear massage is a good thing, right? I think your ear furs are meant to protect you from bramble and prickly things on your hunting expeditions, but it is important to have a personal groomer to tidy you up at the end of the day.


  2. We love seeing more Tommy time! You look like you are really enjoying yourself as you run through the fields. Who cares about a little mud? But we know how it is with ear fur. Barbara is always picking leaves and twigs from ours too. It is the price we setters and spaniels pay for having such lovely ears!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Hey there Tom!
    I suppose there is something to be said for having only one canine in the get spoilt rotten! Enjoy buddy! You look so happy!

  4. Tommy, you are looking quite relaxed in that last picture.

  5. Hiya Tommy! Yoo look one spoiled dog to us!

  6. Seeing how much fun and mud you have makes us wish we were handsome woofies like you Tommy. Aren't ear rubs wonderful:)

  7. Itni's nose is so pale in the picture. The poor darling! We know that she is meeting lots of furriends at the bridge now.

    The weather is the same here Tommy. But contrary to yours our mom doesn't let us outside. Hrmpf. She says she will need to start towelling us too. Those ears are so SILKY!

  8. Wooos Tommy! I have a lot of fluff, but I have to accept that grooming thing as part of going out and having fun!Woo ears a beawootiful!
    ~Husky Kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. Tommy, you certainly have a wonderful life! We really enjoy Tommy Thursdays.

  10. Tommy-you are one loved and happy boy! We have floofy ears and love those ear massages too.

  11. Tommy looks like he is having fun. Do you think he likes to be chased? I could come and teach the kits to chase him. I like to chase dogs.

  12. You are such a good boy Tommy to let #1 take care of your ears so well. They look very silky.

    Have lots of mudilicous fun!!

  13. What fun woo had no matter what the weather term is!

    We have assorted sizes of snowflakes flying by here now - not sure they'll amount to anything but they look pretty!

    Thanks fur sharing your handsome self with us!


  14. Tommy! You are such a good looking dog, and I don't say that to very many dogs..actually, I don't say that to any dogs because I'd rather just chase dogs, but I got to see your pictures and I must say that your chocolate and cream coloring is wonderful! And you look like a good runner...we could have lots of fun running through the fields..I like to run!! Mom says I would make a good dog!! Haha!!
    xx Tiny (from WeezDaBadCats)

  15. Hi Tommy

    We have stinky weather here too! Glad to see you don't mind getting your ears brushed - I'm a bit particular about my ears as well, but usually give in to the NSLM's Mom!

    Hope the weekend brings better weather!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  16. Hi Tommy - we hope the weather gets better there for you!! We know you have fun but we think it will be more fun when you have lots of sun!

  17. I think having magnificent ears must be a prerequisite of living at the Poupounette!

  18. You have the best places to run, Tommy! We have had stinky weather, too. We are very sorry for Itni's family; a lovely card & it was very nice of you to post it.

  19. With four dogs, we know there is no such thing as bad weather. DP is so good about taking them out in all kinds of nasty weather. Then again, she is the dog person and I the cat...
    I saw Tommy's red ball in his mouth. Got to be busy!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  20. More Tommy by popular demand. I'm glad to see somebody reads their comments! It's a drag having all that beautiful hair, hug? All I could think of was my lack until now. As for your last photo: exquisite!
    See ya later, Tommy :)

  21. We are always amazed at how white and clean you always seem to be, Tommy. We don't think we would like that ear brushing very much, but Mom says that long wavy hair can get very tangled. You are good to let #1 do that to you.

    Loved your flying photos.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. Hi Tommy!
    that's a great place to explore and you sure look like you're enjoying it! Have a great day!


  23. We love Tommy, and we love Tommy Thursday. It's so nice to see you having so much fun!

  24. It's us again. Mom says it's good to hear about the Amaryllis. She has one too and yesterday morning the bloomstalk had suddendly bent over. Apparently it's really very important to turn the pot so the stalk grows very upright because the blooms are so heavy. She cut it for a vase now and it will last quite a while. Your crocuses are earlier than ours! We had a good outing in our garden today, but now it's pouring down again. Crazy weather! What luck mom had when she visited with you!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli


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