Friday 12 February 2010

Fun Friday - The Visitor Edition!

Tama-Chan: Our guest arrived and she is fabulous! Some of you guessed correctly that it is Siena and Chilli's Mum! She came all the way from Germany just to meet us! She brought us toys, and has been spending a great deal of time in the back room, admiring my kittens, cuddling all of us, and PLAYING!

And THAT'S NOT ALL! The other really fun thing today is that TOMMY came to see us! I had been missing my Tommy so much and it was so great to see him! The kits all poofed up their tails at him but I told them not to be silly, and that he is the best woofie ever. They eventually got the message.


  1. Oh purrrrr!!!!! I was wondering where she was going and I thought it might be to visit one of our furriends. How cool is that? Sienna and Chilli will have all sort of kitten and woofie smells to enjoy when she returns. In the meantime...

    Enjoy being in snuggle central!!!! Mom wishes she was there too.

  2. How super delightful, Tama-Chan! we're really pleased to see Siena and Chilli's mom visiting you and having so much fun with you and your kittens. And how delightful that you got to see your Tommy again, too. Your kittens certainly recognized that he was an alien being of some kind with those poofed tails and saucer eyes. What a good boy Tommy is, lying down to make himself less scary...who is it who's sniffing his paw pads? We hope the kittens start climbing all over him and enjoying some special Tommy snuggles soon.

  3. Will Siena and Chilli get a new sibling? I LOVE the one kitten trying to look scary for Tommy.

  4. How cool that you got to meet Siena and Chilli's mom!

  5. How wonderful that Siena & Chilli's mom came to visit you all! And how exciting for the kits to meet Tommy. Love the poofy kitten picture. Good ole Tommy for being so gentle and patient.

    Hugs & purrs to you all!
    Marlene, 9 & Chani

  6. Oh lovely...
    Would Sienna and Chilli be getting a new furbling?
    Nice that Tommy is a gentle giant
    Btw, when are the terrible reds going to meet the kits?

  7. Well ... Yippee for the interweb for bringing all the Beans together ... Wonderful!

    It would be fab if Chili's Mom adopted a kitten ... Just saying! =^..^=

    Such a great post!

    Daisy Jiji & The WCTs

  8. The kits meeting Tommy is hilarious! He must look like a giant to them.

    How nice to have company! We wish we lived closer so that we could come visit you and your family too.

    Have a happy Friday!

  9. We are also slowly learning to purr with all your beautiful pictures. You pics' of the kitties today are absolutely stunning!..such gorgeous colouring!
    Enjoy your guest...and the extra cuddles.

  10. Oh how exciting to get a visitor like that! What a fun time!

  11. Tres khool!

    I'm glad our floofy pals' mom khould make the trip!

    I'm glad Tommy showed the residents of The Bakhk Room what a handsome khanine looks like!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  12. What a sweet visitor you have!!! Bet you all loved the extra cuddles she gave. And good for Tommy, bet he was happy to see you too.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  13. That's cool! I'm sure the kitties love to have more cuddles and see new faces!

    ViVi & AB

  14. That is very cool that Siene and Chilli's mom is visiting you! And what fun it had to be for her to meet all of you!

    And that is great that you got to see Tommy Tama-Chan - I am sure he misses you a lot!

  15. Heehee, the kitten trying to scare poor Tommy!!! Oh those are the sweetest photos!!!

  16. Your special visitor looks like she was having great fun meeting you all.

    We're glad that Tommmy got to see you again - he was so good with the kittens.

    Have a lovely weekend - Happy Valentine's to you all.

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  17. OMG! Awesomest Friday evah!

    I told Mummy that she has to go to France to visit you (and smuggle me in her luggage)! She says she would love to, as she really wants to go back to France, but it's a loooong way to go and very expensive to get there from NZ. I told her I'm willing to downgrade from Fancy Feast for a few days to help subsidise a trip.

  18. How exciting that Siena and Chillis's mom is visiting with you!!!

  19. All the way from Germany? Now that is a good friend. Hope you are having a fun visit
    Benny & Lily

  20. I love having guests too. What a fun visit. Did you guys speak German? Hey, Tommy! :)

  21. HOw lovely to get a special visitor.. The pictures show a lot of happy faces.. I am glad you got to see Tommy too I loved the kitty arching his back.. HUgs GJ xx

  22. There is nothing more fun
    having a welcome visitor.

    Have a good time!

  23. How cool to meet Chili's and Siena's mum.

    I would think meeting a woofie for the first time would make for poofed tails. Once they learn to love Tommy like you do, everything will be fine.

  24. What a wonderful day! It must have been so exciting to meet Siena and Chilli's mum. Could you smell them? We are so happy to see you got to spend time with your Tommy, Tama-Chan. You must have missed him.

  25. Sienna's and Chilli's Mum....I can't think of a nicer visitor!

  26. How wonderful to have Siena and Chilli's mom visiting :-) Looks like you all enjoy her visit.

    And Tommy was allowed to visit you in the back room! He's such a sweet woofie, letting the kittens sniff his paws.

  27. What a great day! You got to meet Chilli and Siena's mommy AND Tommy came to visit, too? How exciting! :)

  28. Love those bottle-brush cleaner tails! Mica's such a sage now that even the biggest dogs leave him nonplussed. Our housesitter has a young dog named Atticus that has been staying at the apartment and he keeps trying to get Mica to play with him. Mica just rubs noses and moves on. So happy Chilli and Sienna's Mom was able to make it through the snow. We're jealous! And Tommy—was there ever a dog so gentle and in sync with pussycats?

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  29. Sounds like a wonderful time!! It is so nice to finally meet cyber-friends in person. Enjoy all the extra attention furiends!


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