Tuesday 23 February 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I am happy to tell you, dear friends, that I have finally been given the recognition that is my due as reigning Queen of this house. On Sunday, #1 brought out one of her treasures, a stunning piece with lots of sparkling diamonds and put it where it belonged, around my neck!

Is it not just utterly PERFECT? I loved it! For some reason, #1 did not leave it there permanently but she says it's mine! I am seriously pleased!!!

In other news, it looks like the kits will be here a little longer than expected, probably till the middle of next week. We do have some news to share about them. Firstly, my little girl, Hime-Chan, will be going to live with a very nice couple not far from Paris and the great thing is that she will be sharing her new home with little Zange, who is Yuu-Chan's sister! Mr. Handsome, Fuku-Chan will be going to Uncle U's where he may well become a show cat and playboy. We are still looking for the perfect forever home for GoGo-Chan and will keep you posted. As for Bibi-Chan, I think many of you have already guessed that he will be staying right here and joining the Poupounette Gang full time!

They were all very excited this morning as #1 brought them a new toy, a wonderful Champagne box!

I made sure it was perfectly safe and then left them to it

#1 has been trying to get some photos of them, but it's hard work trying to get clear shots of constantly moving targets! Anyway, here goes for the best efforts:

To start with, we have ECHIGO, known as GoGo-Chan

Next up is EIFUKU, known as Fuku-Chan

My little EHIME, known as Hime-Chan

And last but not least, EBISU, known as Bibi-Chan

What an adventure this has been! It will be nice to have the run of the big house again soon, but I will never forget the coziness of our time in the "Kitten Palace."


  1. Oh my. Tama, your neck piece is fit for a Queen! The champagne box was a great choice for a celebration;)

  2. Now THAT'S finally the right collar for you, Tama-Chan. The other one just didn't do you justice. You look stunning! Such good news on your babies. We are keeping our paws crossed for Echigo-Chan! He is such a beautiful and charming boy. We can't wait for you and Bibi to have the run of the house again. But at the same time it's sad to have the others leave. We hope to see pictures of them every now and then.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. Your new necklace suits you perfectly, Tama-Chan.

    Lovely pictures - and good news too :-) Keeping our paws crossed for GoGo-Chan.

    The champagne box looks like a cool toy. We love playing with cardboard boxes too. Nothing as fancy as a champagne box though - maybe we have to talk to the Humans about that ;-)

  4. Bling bling!
    Nice Tuesday pics!


  5. Hi!! Thanks for your comment on our blog (weezdabadcats)...Tiny (the aby) is posting today so if you want to meet her you should stop by...funny how Abys love to pose!! I never have a problem taking pictures of Tiny...she always perks right up and looks into the eye of the camera...I see that yours are the same!! Tiny had a son, Red, who looks a lot like your 'reds'...sadly, he was killed many years ago, but he has not been forgotten. You will laugh, but even though we live in the Czech Republic, Tiny comes from France...her father was from La Folie in Evires (owners Anne Mognier and Chantale Collombe Clerc) ... it has been so long ago, but his name was Fire Engine...he was red, too. I love Abys...they are great, strong and majestic cats. I hope you will visit our blog often! Nice meeting you! Take care, Cat

  6. i wish gogo-chan could be my bruvver. i know my mommeh loves abyssinians, and gogo-chan is very beautiful and looks so sweet. hmm is it possible to teleport kittehs? because i think it would be too expensive for my mommeh to pay to air-mail gogo-chan, but i know she wants to...! and i am happy to see you finally have a beautiful collar like mine, tama-chan!

  7. That babies are all so gorgeous! But I must say, Tama-Chan, you are a sight to behold in your gorgeous collar. It's perfect for you!

  8. We just love the kitten updates, but Tama-Chan we just love that diamond necklace! Such a beauty queen!

  9. Yay, yay!!! Bibi-Chan is staying! We knew it would be so! And it sounds like everyone is in line for a beautiful life ahead...as it should be.
    BTW-Love that bling on you. If you've got to wear a collar, it should be diamonds!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  10. Wooos Tama! What a stunning new collar woo have there. I am most jealous! I am sure woo will miss the kittens, but they are going to have such happy new homes.
    Such BeaWootiful kitties woo all are!
    -~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  11. That is a perfect collar for you, Tama-Chan. You looks beautiful!
    Oah, the kitten discovered that boxes are the best toy ever!!!

  12. Tama-Chan, we know you are the Queen and you have certainly done a fine job raising your children. You deserve the diamonds!

    We will miss the kittens but of course we are happy they are all going to wonderful forever homes and that little Bibi-Chan is staying with you. We are sure you are eager to get back into the main part of the house and cuddle with Tom. xoxo

  13. So cute! The kittens are so cute! We love them!

    Velcro, kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  14. It has been so fun to watch the tribe grow and hear about the new families they will be joining soon...just like you get to watch Coco's babies now...and glad momcat has a rest now and what a stunning necklace (looks a bit like the one the "Cat from Outer Space" wore...

  15. I love your collar! I wish I had one like it even if the Woman claimed it as hers! You are very looky! I have no doubt that GoGo Chan will find a perfect home.

  16. Oh, TC! You look so dreamy with that bootiful collar!

    I'm so glad that Bibi-Chan will be staying with you! Mummy immediately investigated the rules about bringing a cat in to NZ when she heard GoGo-Chan was still looking for a home. Alas, they must be more than 9 months old. :(

  17. Your bling was stunning!

    Thanks fur the purrdown on the khytties!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Woo really need another woofie to balance things out!

  18. Tama yer necklace is stunning just as much as yoo are!

    If yoo want, we is sure the mom wont mind, teleport GoGo Chan over to us. MOL We'd like another kitteh to keep Jake the woofie in line! MOL

  19. Tama you look gorgeous - diamonds really look great on you!

    We are so glad that Hime-Chan and Fuku-Chan found great homes, and we know Gogo-Chan will very soon. We will miss them when they go but we know they will have wonderful lives. And we are so happy Bibi-Chan will be staying!

  20. Queen for a day - at least with the diamonds, but you really are royalty everyday. That is wonderful news about all your babies. And we are so happy that Bibi is staying with you.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. Lovely pictures and lovely news all round. In these pictures we can really see the individuality of the kittens. Tama, your collar is just MAHvelous.

  22. We loved the necklace! Suits you so well, Tama-Chan.

    All the photos are fantastic and its lovely to hear where all the kittens are going and that you will have one stay with you.

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  23. You look great in your new bling! And the kits are soo cute!!

    Bajas & kitties

  24. Oh we're happy that Bibi is going to stay, hmmm maybe room for Gogo as well?

  25. Tama-sama, you deserve to wear that diamond choker ALWAYS! You've managed the kits superbly and it shows! But, alas, I suppose your #1 must keep that dainty safe from kittens full of curiousity... I will miss seeing all the wee ones. I'm glad Ehibe-chan is staying!

  26. Such cute little babies!

    Tama-Chan ... that necklace is so perfect on you. You ARE the queen!

  27. Isn't it amazing that their favorite toy is the champagne box? I love to find out what gets kittens excited. So cute

  28. We had no doubt you were the queen..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  29. You look stunning in that collar! Good news about the kitties & glad to see photos of them. I'm quite taken with GoGo-Chan, though they are all lovely and elegant kittens.

  30. Oh dear... they are all so cute!

    Hope all the kittens will be happy with their new family :)

    * Please stop at our blog and do accept our special card as our most sincere gratitude and love for your support... Thanks & take care

    ~purrs & hugs~

  31. Tama-Chan you and the kittens are so cute! Of course the rest of your family are cute too and that includes Tommy!

    What breed are you? I have never seen a cat with your colour before...

  32. Ooooh, Diamonds are a girl's best friend, Tama-Chan! Your kits have grown up so fast, faven't they? We're glad we'll be seeing lots more of BiBi-Chan!

  33. Gorgeous collar! Definitely fit for a Queen!
    Those baby kits are soooo cute. Mama wants to know if you could pack them up and ship them to us. ;)

  34. WE love the diamond necklace!
    And we will be sad to see the kittens go, but they will have wonderful lives we are sure. Glad Bibi-Chan gets to stay!

  35. You look beautiful in your new diamond collar!


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