Monday 22 February 2010

Manly Monday With Yuu and Tommy!

Yuu-Chan: Since Tommy got quite a bit of coverage (or is that snugglage?) in yesterday's post, I asked #1 if I could go first today , and she said yes! Actually, I have a photo that I have been meaning to show you for several weeks. Remember my last trip to the vet for my cold? Yes, I am ALL better, thank you. But anyway, the thing is that our vet, Dr. C, is totally taken with me and I have proof!

Just look at that smile! She loves it when Yuu-Chan comes to visit!

I think I look pretty manly, and even fierce, in this next photo:

This next one is also from the archives, about ten days ago when we had some snow, and I braved it to go out into the run!

I can't wait to be able to go out into the run full-time again!

And finally for me today, here is a great photo of me and Tommy at play!

Tom: #1 has been telling me that only the manliest of manly woofies is capable of being an absolute gentleman with a bunch of rambunctious kittens! You should hear some of them spit at me when I move too fast! Wowee! But mostly, they're pretty fun.

Talking of fun, we have a fabulous picture showing me going after the frisbee in the castle moat:

And of course, the manliest pose of all, at rest on my sofa!


  1. Good golly you're getting grown up, Yuu. What a mancat:) You boys always look like you're having such fun.

  2. Yuu,
    To achieve full manliness I think you will need to work on your frisbee skills, but very nice showing indeed. Your vet looks nice, but I can see that you are a good patient as well. Sometimes I see kitties at the vet and they are often quite grouchy.


  3. I love the picture of you and Tommy playing! Tommy is such a good dog with every cat!

  4. We have come to expect that sweet Tommy can win over everycat, Yuu!

  5. The vet clearly is quite taken with you, Yuu. And who wouldn't be :-)

    We love your pose on the sofa, Tom. Very manly - and super cute.

  6. Grete just wags her tail really hard whenever she sees you Tommy!

    Yuu...such a darling!

  7. Hey there...those pictures tell stories of their own...very nice! Tell me, did that pretty vet get your autograph? Did she pay you? You are on your way to stardom!

  8. Thomas, it takes a REAL Gentleman to have such patience with all those mini-furbles. You're to be commended!

    Yuu-chan, you are the EPITOMY of behave with such panache and dignity whilst being "examined" is the mark of a mancat!

    ::sigh:: I want to come to France!

  9. Tommy, that must be very funny when those kittens hiss and spit at you just because you are moving a bit too fast! You are a true gentleman for putting up with all those kittens.

  10. Such manliness at your place. Yuu-Yuu, it seems EVERYBODY loves you. Srsly, mom doesn't stop talking about you. And Tom, you are very manly and brave not to dash out of the room when the little Chans spit at you.

  11. Yuu-Chan you are one cat with style. I can't wait to see what you enjoy doing in the run!

  12. wow you guys are amazing! so many very pretty kittehs, and a pup that is nice to you. i want to "follow" your bloggie, but i do not see the little googlie connect button anywhere! maybe it is because i am still new. come visit me too!

  13. Tommy - you are furry furry manly to be gentle wif the kittens!! you deserve EXTRA TREATS!!!

    Yuu - you are THE MAN - that v-e-t is SMITTEN wif you!

  14. Such fierce manliness in that photo, Yuu-chan. I think you do have a way with everyone, Siena and Chilli's mum, the vet... So cute!

    Dashing Tommy. You are the epitome of brave woofiehood!

  15. Woooos! Those kitties can be mean if woo are not careful... I know I have had experience lately....
    Nice smile on that vet!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  16. Fabulous pic ... You have a moat nearby ... Wow. Little Bunny would growl at it I bet. Hee hee.

    Tell us about the moat when you have time. And pics of Tommy by the moat too pls.

    Daisy Jiji

  17. ohhh, thanks! i am following now. i am excited!

  18. You've got quite a way with the laydeez, Yuu-Chan!

  19. I was thinking of the picture of Hime-chan from a couple of days ago..she was in someone's lap and had some sort of furry toy 'twixt her paws and she looked especially mischievous!

    Hime-sama, do forgive me for intimating you were a boy. ::bows deeply, head below hips::

  20. Yuu-Chan, we are so glad your cold is better. We have no doubt that the nice lady there loves you - you are both manly and cuddly. And dear Tommy - what a great shot that is of you running for the frisbee - just beautiful.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. You sure are radiating a lot of manliness...BOL...We love your manly expression
    Benny & Lily

  22. Woo fellas are SOOOOOO something else!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    I do wonder how those khats&khytties would fare with us teaming up fur them?

    Great pikhs!


  23. Oh Tommy! Look at you running out there!! What fun!!

  24. Yuu and Tommy -- this is quite a show of manliness in this post! Tommy, #1 is correct that exhibit refined gentlemanliness in your behavior toward the kittens! Loved the frisbee shot! And who wouldn't be smitten with you, Yuu-Chan? Loved the feral, fierce pic.

  25. The castle moat. That sounds like a neat place to play.

  26. Glad that you're feeling better.


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