Friday 26 February 2010

Frootbat Friday!

Tama-Chan: The date for the departure of my two boys, Fuku and GoGo and my little girl, Hime, is set at next Friday. So this means that today will be their final full "ensemble" frootbat post. Needless to say, we have no ensemble shots. They are bouncing off the walls. When she lies down on the bed, #1 says she now knows what it feels like to be a motorway... You get the idea.

Anyway, here is GoGo-Chan who has fairly spectacular froots and is never shy about displaying them properly!

Master Fuku-Chan with his set:

Little Hime-Chan who got a girly collar in anticipation of going to her new family:

And Bibi-Chan...

... who had a big morning today! He went on his very first solo outing, with just Tommy and #1, to get his second round of shots and to get chipped. He is now official! He was good as gold in the car (unlike a certain other someone whose name happens to start with a "Y") and purred his way through the vet visit!

Back to frootbats, and of course to ME! I am, after all, Mama Frootbat and, in the spirit of the kittens, thought I would show you a frooty photo of me when I was little:

Not bad, eh?! And this is, of course, is now:

Let's not forget "the others" whom Bibi-Chan and I will be joining soon. That Yuu-Chan managed to sneak into the kittens' room a few days ago, so the mystery element is no more. He seemed to like the look of them, and I know that surfer dude well enough by now to realise he didn't need to be hissed at. Do you know that he actually will take a running jump into #1's arms for a cuddle!!!

As for Sei-Chan, #1 is keeping her fingers crossed that she won't be too stressed by the changes. She is a rather delicate girl who is very sensitive.


  1. Have fun in your new homes, little kittens! We're happy that we'll be able to keep up with Bibi and Fuku in Le Perche.

    Your pal,


  2. I am sure you will have a great time in your new homes little ones!

  3. Delicious frootbats! I hope you enjoy your new homes kittens :) and I hope Sei-cham handles the changes well!

  4. Oh Tama-Chan, your young frootbat pic is exquisite. All the kittens are wonderfully frootbatty. I still have a thing for GoGo-Chan......

  5. Oh they are all so cute. WE will miss all of them but we know they will be in wonderful new forever homes! And of course you are all super cute frootbats - you as a baby was extra special to see Tama-Chan!

  6. wowee, look at all those big pretty ears!!! i wish i had big frootbatty ears like that too, but i do not, so i will settle for my own ears i guess - they work okay at least. thank you for coming by yesterday and saying i am gorgeous, that gave me a furblush!

  7. Have fun and be really loved in yoor forever homes kitties. We will miss yoo, but hope you will update us.

  8. Furry nice FROOTBATS!

    Thanks fur the updates and such!

    I bet it is KHWITE fun!

    Just imagine how much more 'funner' I khould make it!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Where are woo???

  9. The countdown has begun! We hope #1 will feature the kittens every day for the next week. Go-go, it seems you are spoken for, now, so everybody is going to have their forever home in a week. You have such a cute, elfish look!

  10. You frootbats are sooooo pretty!!! We like frootbats, too because we are kinda frooty ourselves!! Actually, I think I prefer only frootyness so I think if we met we would get along smashingly!! (ha! no pun intended!!) I bet you will miss the little froots...the house will be so quiet without them...but life goes on and we must each find our frooty path...go forth little happy, be loved and be as frooty as possible!!

    love, Lautrec and Tiny

  11. Such wonerful, utterly adorable frootbattage!

  12. Little Sei-Chan we hope you are not stressed. Change is always stressful! But kits are cute and I shall come and chase them around when I can so that Bibi-Chan will not trouble you too much!

  13. We will miss the kittens but we know they are all going to good homes. GREAT Frootbats! xoxox

  14. Aaaah, how bittersweet. We'll look after #1. We will! Best of luck to the adorable pups, um, kittens. Really! Updates whenever you get a chance too...

  15. We loved the 'frootbat' photos!

    Best of luck to the kittens in their new homes.

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  16. I have never been here, but it is certainly very nice to see these kittens today.
    They will have new homes and that is exciting for the new families.


  17. Oh, TC! You were such a bootiful baby! (and an even more bootiful ladycat!)

  18. What gorgeous frootbats! It's great to hear that the kittens are destined for wonderful homes. Their new forever homes are lucky to welcome such beautiful and unique personalities into their lives! I hope Sei-Chan doesn't stress too much about their departure.

  19. We are really going to miss the little ones. Thank goodness we will have all of you to keep us smiling with your beautiful photos.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. It has been so neat watching the babies grow. Their new families are SO lucky. I would love to have an Aby.

  21. You sure are camera friendly!!
    Luv the pics!


  22. We love frootbat Fridays! Have a great weekend. :)

  23. You have done a brilliant job raising your beautiful babies, Tama-Chan. They look the very picture of health and happiness. Enjoy this last week together!:)

  24. Wonderful photos of you all.

    We hope you have a great time in your new homes little ones :-)


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