Monday, 25 January 2010

Manly Monday with Tommy and Yuu!

Tom: For today's Manly Monday feature, I would like to present... "Dancing With Frisbee"!

Yuu-Chan: ... And I would like to present "Roller-Ball"!

In other news, I am very happy to report that, after El Tigre's adoption on Saturday, we learned that my brother El Jem had also been adopted! It took him a long time to find a forever home and we are just so pleased for him! He will be living in Paris! We have no recent photos of him, but this is what he looked like when he was little:

We hope he will be very happy with his new family!


  1. Oh this is great news! I am so glad that your brother has found himself a forever home at long last! :) I am also impressed with your rollerball whacking skills - it seems you really know how to thwap that ball good and proper! ;)

    Right now I'm snoopervizing some furniture rearrangement here so that the place is well and truly ready for Isis next lot of kittens arriving just after Setra's 1st Birthday! :)


  2. Concatulations to El Tigre and El Jem onfinding their Forever homes. What happy news to start the week:)

  3. Very different styles for sure. One break dancer and one jazz artist.


  4. I am glad that your brother found a forever home. I love the frisby action shots and dont you just love playing with track ball. I love my turbo track as well.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Oh Boy, Dancing with Frisbees looks like fun. I shall have to ask Mommy to find me one, so I can dance. ~Fenris

    We loves Roller Ball. ~SSA

    We are very happy about the adoptions. It is good to have a home. ~AFSS

  6. You are such a sporting family!

    Hooray for El Jem!

  7. how wonderful! we are so happy that forever homes have been found!!!!

  8. Great news! Great pictures of Tommie playing frisbee.

  9. Just great frisbee dance pictures, Tommy! We can see how sporty you are.
    And Yuu-Chan, you look very athletic too. Chilli says she would nevertheless try to snatch that ball away from you.
    And El Jem looks like a gem - concats to efurryone!

  10. Those frisbee shots are just amazing!

  11. Lots of handsome men in this post today!


  12. Wow, what great shots of Tommy's Olympic-class Frisbee dancing! and Yuu-Chan is mighty good on the track ball as well (we tend to lie down and pat at it with a paw *g*). Very nice news about your brother, too, Yuu-Chan...we just hope he won't become all diginfied and snooty, living in such an elegant city and all...

  13. Hurrah that your brother has found a forever home. Who would not want a beautiful abby in their home?

    We love the photos of Tom, he is so speedy. Your rollerball toy looks a lot like ours, we love that thing!

    Have a good start to your week! xoxo

  14. Great news for both kits in their new homes. Now I think that is a fun game you are having!

  15. Wonderful news all around! Tommy, you are a Frisbee Extraordinaire!

  16. Great action shots, boys!

    Can you tell Tama-Chan for me that I'm sorry we missed doing a Mancat Mentor post for her bebbehs yesterday - we had a massive powercut that lasted for hours!

  17. There is no shortage of fun at The Poupounette! Tommy's dance style is fantastic and Yuu has quite a skill with that ball. Great news about your brother. All is well!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  18. What great action shots of Tommy and Yuu-Chan. That first one is really hilarious - look at those legs go.

    Good for El-Jem. Hope things are still going well for El Tigre.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  19. Such Sporty Manliness today!


    Tank woo fur sharing your abilities!

    KhonKhats on more furever homes!

    PeeEssWoo: Lookiing furry handsome Tommy!

  20. You both look like great athletes! That is great news about El Jem!


  21. Stunning photo from you both boys!

    ViVi & AB

  22. Hooray for El Jem! What wonderful news with which to begin the week.

    And Tommy-Kun and Yuu-Chan ... way to show off your athletic manliness! Very impressive, indeed!

  23. How can it take you guys a long time to find homes? They are SO stinkin cute!

    Your frisbee pics look awesome. I just posted mine as well. :)

  24. Great news about El Jem.

    Amazing photos Tommy - loved every one of them,


  25. Great action photos! Your pets are athletic.

  26. Tommy, your Frisbee pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You always look so joyful! Yuu-Chan, roller ball is my brother's favorite game. You look like you are having so much fun! Congratulations to El Jem. We are so happy he found his forever home.

  27. What an athletic post x two! As for the adoptions (two) what can I say other than Best of Luck to both katz!

  28. Looks like some buddies are getting ready for the high jump in the Olympics. And boxing? Great action shots
    Benny & Lily

  29. Woohoo, lots of happiness for finding forever homes. Plus mum says there are times has and gas or has gas! hehehehe.

  30. Tommy, you sure love your frisbee!! And Yuu-Chan, that Roller Ball sure looks like fun! And we're happy El Tigre and El Jem have found forever homes!

  31. I think Grete is a little misty eyed over Tommy today!

    We are very happy for El Tigre and El Jem!

  32. Love these photos. You two are having so much fun playing! Adorable.


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