Monday, 11 January 2010

Manly Monday with Tommy and Yuu!

Tommy: I must say that this past week has been a fabulous time for a manly woofie such as me. I have had lots of opportunities to engage in activities in the snow and #1 has been clicking away! Brace yourselves for lots of photos!

I love that feeling of sinking my paws into the snow!

And one of my favourite games is putting my head under the snow and then running!

at the end of which I look like this:

Romping with my boxer friends Adele and Eve is also fun!

And of course there is SNOW FRISBEE! The first thing to do was figure out that the frisbee had to be positioned differently so #1 could see it to pick it up!

and then all I have to do is fly!

The least fun is at the end of the walks when my feet are caked with ice crystals and I have to wait for #1 to get warm water to wash them off on the porch

Yuu-Chan: I have tried to tell #1 that it would be fun to go out into the cat run to experience snow beneath my toes, but she keeps saying no. I still have the sniffles and a sore eye, and she says I am not going anywhere until I am all better. So, what to do with one's time? I have enjoyed El Tigre's visits but he is now stormstayed at Uncle U's. I have been sitting on the radiator in the kitchen watching the birds (and yes, in reply to numerous questions, we do feed the birds! We have 4 grain feeders and 2 suet feeders out).

and, taking a leaf out of Mentor Misha's book, #1 and I were trying to decide which was my best side:




Fancy a scritch anyone?


  1. Tommy! I think snow retrieving is totally fun because you get to stick your head in the snow and skid around and stuff. Great post.


  2. Gasp, you run with your head UNDER the snow, Tommy? Hahahahaha! That must be a very cool sight. We bet #1 can't help but laugh a bit.
    Sweet Yuu-Chan, we purr that those sniffles go away completely. As you know Chilli has a runny eye too and she hates to hear that you have the same problem. Do you love chin scritches as much as Chilli does?

  3. What a lot of snow, we have never seen that much snow. Tommy you look simply smashing in the snow.

    Yuu we hopes you get better soon. ~AFSS

  4. Hi Tommy - oh, we thought we were good at sticking our head in the snow but we BOW to the master!! We're suffering the same torment as you at the moment with the warm paw plunge at the end of every walk - sigh! Hope your sniffles go soon Yuu-Chan, we hope there's a bit of snow left for you to experience when you're well again. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  5. Tommy you look wonderful out there!! What fun! We've had a lot of snow with rain so there is no fluff now just a hard crust. Hopefully yours stays super fluffy!

  6. Yuu, please don't try and make us pick a side. It is too hard!

    Tommy, do you get an icy brain freeze from sticking your head in the snow?

  7. Tommy, you look so cute with your head sticking in the snow! What a silly-billy you are!

  8. What deep snow you have! Ours is starting to melt away now. Shen our labrador loves to roll in the snow and push his face in it.

  9. Tommy ~ wot fun yoo have! We love the running wiv yoor head under the snow bit! LOL!

    And sweet Yuu-Chan ~ we hope yoo feel better soon.

  10. Tommy, the fun you are having shines through these pictures.

    Yuu, maybe the right side is slightly more photogenic, but it's a tough call - you look great all ways.

  11. Oh Tommy!

    What a blast woo had!

    As fur Yuu-Chan, I khan't decide - woo look tastykhute in all of them!

    PeeEssWoo: Wasn't the YouTube video great of Brandy and The Pups!?!

  12. Tommy is the best woofie we have seen in the snow in a long time! He is sure having some fun.

    Yuu, we like your chin the best!

  13. You were so cute, the Woman was scratching the computer screen at your chin...

  14. Tommy you are so cute out in the snow! That first picture of you is completely adorable! And the idea of you running with your head in the snow is hilarious!

    And Yuu-Chan, #1 is right that you need to stay in when you are sick - resting on the radiator is a great idea! And we think all your sides are great!!

  15. Tommy we loved the pics of you having pawsome fun in the snow. What did you find under the snow? Wish we could have some of that. We have just been having rain.
    We think Yuu looks great at any angle.
    Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

  16. Tommy, you have the best time any old day, but in the snow, you're just an explosion of fun!

    Yuu - you're gorgeous from every angle!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  17. We are completely jealous of all your snow Tommy. I would love to try that trick of running with my head down in the snow. It looks like you had a great time!

    Your friends,
    Niamh and Ambrose

  18. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad size for a handsome Aby such as yourself, Yuu!

  19. Tom, you're a silly woofie. Keep going! We're enjoying the show.

    Yuu: Left. No doubt.

  20. Oh, that last shot makes Mom want to reach in and give you a good chin scritchie:) We love the snow too just like Tommy, but luckily we don't have to endure the pawsicles and the hot water bath.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  21. Yuu-chan! I would totally skritch your chin!!! It's incredible.

    Tommy, I love your snow pics. You look great and I'm so glad you enjoy yourself!

    hugs and skritches,

  22. Tommy, that sure did look like fun. Even I admit it, and I can't stand the snow. As for the modeling cat...Yuu-chan, you're getting virtual chin scratchers.

  23. Tommy

    The fun you are having in the snow! But the cleaning up when you come in is no fun - I know only too well!!

    Hope you've all got plenty of rations in the house! We were watching how bad the snow is over with you on the news tonight here!

    Thankfully the thaw has started here - the rain came today for a little while and the schools are opening again tomorrow - NSLM not very happy, his Mom very happy!

    take care with all that snow!

  24. Mum is sending scritches and pets for you all.

  25. Tommy...just seeing you stick your head in the snow is making us all laugh! What a silly boy!

    Yuu-Chan, we hope you get better soon. We all had the sniffles and momma Ellie still has a bit of weepy eyes.

  26. Aw, Tommy, we love watching you in the snow!! You make it look like so much fun, we wanna go out now too!

  27. That is very neat seeing you guys running on the snow~!
    Also, be keeping warm, okay?

  28. Hey there Tommy
    Those are great pictures of you in the snow! It looks like enormous fun! It would be even more fun if we were there. Wow, what a winter wonderland!
    Keep warm

  29. WOW--you make the snow seem so much fun! We don't get much here in Texas. My human, Tommy says she's romp with you in the snow any time!


    PS. Yuu-chan..LOVE the photos. Every side is a GREAT side.

  30. Tommy you look like you're having a wonderful wonderful time in the snow! We bet when you run with your head in the snow you make all sorts of cute snorting noises...Meowmy would love to see a video! We sure hope Yuu-Chan gets over his cold soon...and that his buddy El Tigre gets to come over again soon to play.

  31. Oh Yuu-Chan, AAB wants to smooch you on the chin! It seems that Cat-chins are a weakness of hers.


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