Monday, 1 September 2008


Sen-Chan: Things have been pretty busy at this end, what with dealing with Tom's various "issues" and a succession of guests. The latter has been great for me as they all love to play with me (and vice versa!). One of our guests left today (we still have one here) and being the nice boy that I am, I helped #1 with stripping the bed and putting on fresh bedding. It is one of my absolute favourite tasks!

I start by examining the consistency of the feather bed

Then, we MUST have a quick "where's the puss?" episode...

Then I have to help flatten the under sheet...

And check that the duvet is going into the cover properly....

And finally make absolutely sure there are no bed bugs...

I feel that #1 is very fortunate indeed to have me around to assist her in this.


  1. You are doing an excellent job with that Sen!!

    I am posting about our latest aquisition, a feather bed, later this week. I am glad to see you also have such a nest.

    Perfectly luxurious.

    purrs Goldie

  2. We think you've covered all bases quite well, Sen-Chan!

  3. hi Sen, you are obviously a trained professional at bed making. we are quite impressed with all of your skills.

    Tom, we are glad to hear you are recuperating. we are sorry about your friend, Lisa. that was lovely that the other dogs got to say good bye to her. we lost one of our good friends recently. it's very sad when our friends go to the Bridge.


  4. Sen-Chan,
    Both me and my sis love the bed. In fact... (whispers) we cats had a nap together with Ms. C on the bed this afternoon. But we were not touching!

    Abby Normal

  5. Oh yes this is a real Mancat's job if ever there was one! I too take making the bed seriously and take great pride in flattening the sheets just so... Isis is in charge of bedbug hunting though, when I try and do it see thinks I'm a bed mole and pounces on my head! :( I guess in a two Aby household these good jobs need sharing! ;)

    Oh and it seems I must send you kisses and the like from Isis once more if I want any peace today... ;)

    Purrs your fur brother,

  6. Sen-Chan, that's one of my favorite jobs, too! I love it when my mom smooths the sheets with her hands..I pounce them and if she doesn't put a headlock on me, I put the bitey on them!

  7. I know, bed making is SO taxing. I don't know what humans would do without our help.


  8. SenChan
    What luck to have you be thewe to help..I'm suwe once you awe thwough wif helping and inspecting those beds awe fit fow woyalty..I'd like to twy them out, hehehe
    hope Tom is feeling bettew too!
    smoochie kisses

  9. Nice job snoopervising and helping, Sen! We love having guests because we love the attention!

    Thank you so much for celebrating my first birthday with me yesterday! I really appreciate it! - Merlin

  10. Hi Sweety, I have purrty new photos for you to gaze at! :)

    Purrs and kitty kisses,


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