Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Expedition

Sen-Chan: I am happy to report that #1 was true to her word yesterday and I did get to go out, for several hours! I decided that, since the weather was so beautiful, it was the perfect day to mount an expedition to discover new territory. So, I rounded up the usual members....

... or tried to. Tommy was busy canoodling with his baby girl, Damia (let me remind you that she is only 4 months old!)...

So, he had to be dragged away. Madrac is always up for a walk, but she has a tendency to go off on her own half-way. Her specialty is forbidden places. Anyway, we eventually were able to get going:

We found a field (Tom said something about it being "his" field but it was a discovery for me!), and I proceeded to examine various aspects of it with each of my expedition members:

And once we had finished comparing our field notes, it was time to fly!

It was FUN! I LOVE exploring and plan to mount more expeditions. Of course, it's all very tiring so this was the scene back home, later in the afternoon:


  1. Sen-Chan,
    We are very impressed with the preliminary results of your expedition's research. Especially the startling conclusion of your flying abilities.

    Maybe we can incorporate it into some of our fighting moves!

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Sen Chan you are Kangoro & Gazel together!
    ViVi & AB

  3. Sen-Chan, you look awesome cavorting in that field. Like a wild cat!

  4. Love that airborne shot of you out in the wilds, Sen-Chan!!!!

  5. Well, you had a big expedition and that certainly calls for a big nap!

  6. osh! you guys look like had too much ofun outsidez!!! so cute! I wish I have BFF like sen-chan!!

  7. What a gorgeous day you had, Sen-Chan. And spent with such congenial company, too! Someday, I'd like to live near a field like yours..that would be a perfect Rainbow Bridge for me.


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