Friday, 19 September 2008

Fanciful Friday

Tom: I see that many of our friends are making today a Pirate Day. We, however, do not have any suitable pirate paraphernalia, so we will have to make do with less excitement. Although... #1 and I went to visit the gang at AB Sharpeii yesterday and #1 took a picture of me with ViVi and her kids. I think I make a good uncle, don't you? The little guys are only 3 weeks old and their only passion in life is MILK, although one of them is already starting to woof and even howl a bit!

By the way, ViVi is only in the cage for feeding time. Believe me, she can't get out of there quickly enough once the little darlings have sucked her dry!

Sen-Chan: Guess who got left at home, AGAIN?! I had to find ways to entertain myself and came across a giant rabbit-fur mouse I was given for my birthday...

Yes, that is a picture of me. Even I, sweetest of all sweet ones, occasionally like to have some wild fun, complete with bunny kicks!


  1. Don't worry, we are not pirates today either. I am afraid of the high seas!

    What great pics of the new pups! Sweet wee things! Tom, you are a great big Uncle!

    Love the shots of you and your mouse, Sen-Chan. It looks like a real fun mouse to throw around!

    Have a great weekend boys!

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  2. Yes it was a busy, perfect day, "AB clan" miss you today.
    Tom was perfect with the puppies & kitties, he knows how to make friends.

    ViVi & AB

  3. Ahoy there me hearties, we be a pillaging and a plundering here! Batten down your catnip and hid your bikky! ;)

  4. I think Vivi is very pretty and is very patient with her puppies. You're doing a great job of keeping her company, Tom. Sen-Chan, keeeeeeelllll that mouse!

  5. Vivi looks a little tired.;) It's good that you are such a good friend to her, Tom. Bunnykick that mousie, Sen-Chan!


  6. Being a Mom is very, very hard work. ViVi looks like she's ready to come out of there already!

  7. Glad you found some nice fun ways to entertain yourself while they once again left you at home.


  8. hai sen-chan and tom!! fanks for visiting mah blogz!! you guys too cutez together!! beautifulz!! yes lets be friendz!! me came often promisez!!

  9. Those puppies are so little. I am sure that you will make a great uncle but I think puppies are a lot of work.

    Your friend,


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