Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Sen-Chan: Well, after all the excitement of the past few days, we are all pooped (#1: and may I say that a certain Sen-Chan did not make it any better by bolting out of the door like a rocket at 8am this morning and leaping across the field like some crazed gazelle, with me and Tom in hot pursuit...). So, as I was saying before that interruption, we are all tired, so I decided to help #1 with her work today:

As for Tom, he went for his usual (officially authorized, HA!) romp this morning, and decided to flop down in the field!

I have a feeling there is going to be a giant nap going on here this afternoon. Care to join us?


  1. I would love to join you in a little nap today!

  2. Oh I would love to join you in a nap..I didn't sneep much last night and am feeling weally tiwed today
    smoochie kisses

  3. Oh yes, a giant nap pile sounds perfect!


  4. I'm a great napping buddy! Mom and Dad say I take up a lot of room. Is there still room for me in the napping zone?

  5. Sen-Chan looks like he is being a great help to #1. After all that hard work, he definitely deserves a nap.

  6. We will definitely be joining you for a nice nap!

  7. Hi Sen-Chan & Tom!
    Thanks for dropping by on my mom's gardening blog (which I am converting in a cat blog, hehehe). We both enjoy reading your blog very much.
    I also help my mom a lot with her work and I love napping on her table while she is doing her human stuff. Sometimes she complains that the look of me makes her feel all sleepy...
    It's a shame she is blogging in german, though!

  8. We would love to join you in a nap, but we thought it would be more fun to start a new game, "Herd of Crazed Gazelles." We would come over and we could practice it with you all day indoors to show #1 how important it is!

    Abby & Stygia


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