Friday, 20 September 2013

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone? Have you had more than enough of horsies recently, and would rather photos of cuddly kitties and handsome woofies? But we, of course, are the Popupounette horses and therefore special, right?

We were delighted to see #1 again. She still can't walk 100% and someone else has to come into the field to bring me to her. But she gave me a thorough brushing, and I got my yummy treat bucket!

That was SO good!

Guess what? I am getting four new shoes next week! Until now, I have had just two, on my front feet only. But I shall soon be driven (yay!) and will go on paved roads so new shoes are needed!

Vidock: I also will be getting new shoes, friends. By the way, Studly Neighs and all that! When #1 saw me yesterday, she told me I needed a really good brushing and she is going to try and give me that soon. I have been living outside all summer but soon, I shall be going in at night as hunting season is about to start and there are wild boars around and if they barrel through the enclosures, I may be able to get out, which would not be a great idea (so they say...).

Anyway, I also got a great treat bucket:

And here is a handsome profile shot of me:

#1 is picking up Mr. Floppy Ears at Dr. C's at 9am today and she said that, if he feels up to it, they would stop and see us on the way home. I hope they do!

PS: Tommy's home!

We're looking at 10 days of being Mr. Conehead, until the stitches come out.


  1. We think the both of you look pretty nice the way you are. It's good that #1 is up and about and you get to see her as well. We are also hoping that Mr Floppy Ears will make it to see you guys as well.

  2. Hello Violette and Vidock !!
    You are both looking good and we do love seeing you. We also like to see what #1 is up to ;)
    New shoes and brushing sounds divine to us . Well, the brushing part does,heehee
    We purr Tommy is feeling better and not licking so much too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  3. It sounds like you both had a proper pampering yesterday with more to come!

    Hooray for Tommy coming home! Hoping his wound heals up properly now they've found the trouble!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  4. V' is ALWAYS a pleasure to see you two! AND to see dear Tommy home. Tommy be a good good bit! We are sorry for the cone but it is for your good that it's there. Endure. It will come out well. xoxoxox

  5. Tommy, we are glad you are home and hope that darn place heals up. Too bad you have to wear that darn cone. Sending tons of woofs to ya. The horses look terrific. Take care.

  6. Hurrah! Our darling Tommy is home! What a brave fellow! We know those cones are annoying but better the cone than the owie. Continuing our prayers for our sweet boy. Big kisses from us.
    You're right Violette. You and Vidock are special!
    Spa care and new shoes: Very smart!!!

  7. I love seeing pictures of Violette and Vidock and finding out what they have been up to. They always look so happy snuggling up to #1 and getting their treat buckets.
    Glad that Tommy is back home - I bet the kitties will help #1 take care of Tommy with much snuggling and keeping him company. Take care Tommy and the Pouponette gang!

  8. You two look super smart after your brushing and hey I am glad you will be going inside when the hunting season starts as it would bee awful for you to get out. I am so happy to see Tommy home and hope that wound heals. Hugs GJ x

  9. It is always good to get buckets of yummies. We think you both look great and glad that #1 is able to visit with you.

    Poor Tommy. We are sorry that you have to wear that satellite dish on your head and hope you get better soon.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  10. Oh Tommy you look so forlorn and having to wear that big cone and it must be so uncomfortable. When it eventually comes off we hope you won't start licking again. We hope #1 will be feeling less sore soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Oh Tommy we are so sorry you are unwell. We are sending healing purrs and we all has our paws crossed you are better soon and can ditch the cone.

    Vidock and Violette we could never get tired of you. Mommy loves horses, she drools every time she sees the two of you.

  12. Violette and Vidock, how nice you both got very yummy treat bucket! You are looking great and happy :-)
    I hope Tommy's wound will heal soon!

  13. Violette and Vidock, we always enjoy seeing your photos and hearing about you. Lovely photos today!

    Poor Tommy, it is no fun having stitches, but soon those annoying things will come out and you will feel much better.

    Sending our purrs and good wishes to all!


  14. We can't wait to see your new shoes Vidock. Paws cross you heal quick Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  15. hello Violette and Vidock - we love seeing you and hope that shoe thing goes well.

    Tommy - glad you are home and hope things are ok. Tell Genji to scratch your ears for you.

  16. Wow, you two horses get a whole BUCKET of treats?! That is so cool!

    I am sending lots of purrs Tommy's way, and hope he heals fast!

  17. We kitties can't imagine wearing shoes! But we know it means you two are going on to even more exciting things to do with #1, so we know it's all good.

    Tommy, you REST and heal up, quickly!

  18. C'est normal que le vendredi soit pour vous les chevaux. Les autres c'était pas pareil, c'était "des étrangers" ! Vidock j'aime toujours autant ton profil.

    Tommy et son abat jour ... je plaisante, mais je compatis vraiment. Vivre 10 jours avec ce truc, j'ai mal au coeur pour lui. J'espère vraiment que après ça sera fini définitivement.

  19. It's always great to hear from the V's! So glad you got to see your #1 again!
    And Tommy! You are home! I know you don't like the cone but I really hope the time will go fast for you and that the report from the Vet. is a good one.
    Lily, WA, USA

  20. We think you Vs are special indeed and we never get tired of horse pics!

    Sending purrs for Tommy and for #1's continued knee recovery.

    Have a great weekend. XOXO

  21. Me and mum could never see too much of the lovely Vs.
    I hope Tommy heals well now.

  22. Violette!You are stylin with your violet bucket and harness sweetie!

    Vidock enjoy your yummy bucket of treats-they look delicious!

    Tommy, we have you in our thoughts. We just KNOW you will be a good boy and you will leave your stitches alone so that they might heal properly.Good boy!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. We're so glad #1 got to see both of you. And you both get a bucket of treats?? You're so lucky!

    Tommy, we're purring for you and hope you heal fast!

  24. TEN days of the cone of shame! Mowzers, Tommy! We know you can do it!!

  25. Hello Violette and Vidock - both me and mom love seeing you <3
    Poor Tommy that have to wear a cone :(


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