Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thoaked Thankful Thursday

#1 here, hijacking the blog as threatened... Let's be honest, the weather has been every kind of stinky so far, and more rain is forecast for today, although we're not sure just how much.

So, why thankful? Well, yesterday was vert check day and al of our horses passed with flying colours. The vehicles were also all checked to make sure they are up to scratch and the right weight, and all was good on that front too. I am still hobbling about and my kneed survived the considerably increased activity in relatively good shape. Our team leader is a nurse, and she keeps telling me to walk "properly" instead of doing only passable imitations of John Cleese. I'm trying.

Anyway, here are a few our horses, for your viewing pleasure. First off, Robert Sampson leading stallion Willingham Axl and Axl's partner (wife..) Crystal to their vet check. They share a field back home and Crystal is expecting his foal.

Three of our four Shires. One pair is driven by a young man who will soon be starting university/college and the other pair by his younger sister who is still in high school The photos was taken during one of the brief moments of sunshine.

Daniel Young's two Suffolks:

Four Percheron girls out for a spin in the rain. I cannot even begin to describe to you how wet we were when we got back...

Oh, and for some reason, Genji thought you might be thankful for this shot of him having a bath...


  1. I think I prefer the Genji type of bath´s :)

  2. I can sympathise on the knee pain. I never know when doing something completely normal will have me hobbling around in pain. Glad yours survived the increased activity!

    Hooray for the horses!

    Have yourself a lovely day, everybuddy.

  3. Genji, you were right darling boy! And those 4 Percheron la laaa! The two Suffolks..I will have to Google that breed. William Axl and Crystal...oh how gorgeous a couple THEY are. And you, #1...PLEASE please be careful on that uneven ground!

  4. Genji how wise you are staying in the dry with a comfy place to nap when you could have been up to your tail in mud and dodging hooves.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Great pictures of the horses. They are all good looking. Genji, you are looking good. Glad to hear that #1 is making it all right. Take care.

  6. Wet but beautiful horses. Be careful and take care of your knee too.


  7. You are the most captivating little boy, dear Genji!
    Mum wants to rub her cheek on your sleek, sweet head.

    Axl and Crystal are breathtaking! But all of the horses are wonderful. Hurrah for good vet checks all 'round.

    Moderation, #1, activity in moderation. Your nurse doesnt want you to start having problems with the other knee so try to take it easy. In our prayers, you are.

  8. Ooh the weather looks too cold for us but we really love you GENJI. You looked all warm and toasty.

  9. They are all beautiful horses. I saw a programme a while back on working horses with Martin Clunes. I do believe that Robert Sampson and his horses were in it, although I may be wrong.
    You are looking adorable Genji.

  10. Mom would be fascinated by all the horses.... we say you better listen to the nurse lady or she may put a lead on YOU MOL

  11. I bet the kitties are thankful that #1 is the one out getting wet and not them! It looks like a good time, even with the bad weather.

  12. Genji tu as bien raison. Installé comme ça au chaud, au sec, bien confortablement, à faire ta toilette. Il faut être un humain pour s'amuser dehors quand il pleut, en plus en compagnie d'énormes bêtes.
    Les humains ils devraient prendre exemple sur nous.
    Plein de ronrons.

  13. YEA! Glad all your horsies past with flying colors. And Genji, where is your towel for after bath, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. Genji, we are glad you have your priorities straight! :p

    The weather sounds very much like Vancouver winter weather....wetter than wet.Hope it improves :)

    The horses are stunningly beautiful..especially Crystal.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. We love all the great looking horses and Gengi having a bath :)
    We are also happy you are getting around even if you are wet :/
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie


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