Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thankful Thursday - The Tommy Edition

#1 here. Tommy and I came home yesterday afternoon to find a message from Dr .C saying that the lab results had come back. It was good news! There is no sign of anything nasty. The lab confirmed that it had originally been some kind of impact that had eventually led to intense fibrosis with a very deep tissue bacterial infection. He may need to go on a longer course of antibiotics to make sure that it's all gone but he is now officially on the mend! She did say also that all his licking did NOT help. Hear that, Mr. Tommy?!

The boy himself is in great form. I have mostly managed to keep the cone off him the last couple of days, and just have had him wear a T-Shirt. When the grass outdoors is very wet, I take him out with no shirt. Here are a few photos:

Yesterday, the weather was really lovely and we had  lunch in town with a friend, siting in an outdoor café. Tommy really enjoyed it!

Thank you all, once again, for all the support during this rather lengthy episode!


  1. Tommy is rocking that tee shirt! I'm betting he prefers it to that nasty cone, too!

    So glad it's all sorted and that he's on the mend at last!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  2. Great news about Tommy being coneless! He looks very important in his red "cloak".
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Squeeeeeee! That last photo! All the charm in the world wrapped up into one dear dog!
    So happy and so relieved to hear Tommy's results. Answered prayers!
    Offering joyful thanks.

  4. Thank heavens that Tommy is OK even if he does have to take some more antibiotics. That is such good news. So take it easy Tommy.

  5. OMD! Tommy
    I'm so sowwy, I didn't even know that you wewe so ill...thankd dog that you awe on the mend and those auntie Bi Otis will make you totally well. No cones is aways good news..I was going to offew you my new jumpsuit, but you look so hot in that wed shiwt, that I see you don't need it
    smoochie kisses

  6. That is GREAT news from the vet! Tommy, you just need to stop worrying that sore!

  7. Now that is something to be thankful for - hooray for Tommy!
    take care,

  8. We're so glad to hear the good news about Tommy.

    Millie & Walter

  9. that IS good news. Now - Tommy... NO MORE LICKING!!!

  10. Ouf, ça c'est une bonne nouvelle.
    Il est trop drôle vu de face avec son tee-shirt...
    Ce chien, à part le fait qu'il est pénible à se lécher, semble avoir une vraie bonne nature. Je ne suis pas certaine que la majorité de ses congénères accepterait de bonne grâce de porter un tee-shirt. Lui il a l'air de parfaitement s'en accommoder.

  11. Oh what PAWEsome news about Tommy! YAY! NO LICKING! YAY!

  12. That is great news that you are on the mend Tommy, and good news too that the cone is mostly off.

  13. That's good news! Tommy, you look very sharp in that shirt.

  14. We hope Tommy gets completely all well really soon.

  15. The cone is mostly off - there is no better news than that. we hope its get completely off sooner rather than later.

  16. yay tommy!!!! also you look awesome in a t-shirt!

  17. What wonderful news! We are so happy for all of you and hope you keep healing really well.

    Love to you, Tommy!
    Lily, Gracie and Jackie in WA, USA
    (Gracie and Jackie are our new kitties!)

  18. Yow Tommy we iz so sowwy ya haz had a backterial infeckshun!!! It must have bin pawfull fer ya. Purrleeze try not to scritchy scratchy n take yer meddycashun n do as #1 sayz ok?? WE iz glad to see ya runnin about n goin to town..ya look bery handsum in red!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xo


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