Monday, 30 September 2013

Manly Monday!

Tommy: Today is Monday and it is the day I go in to see Dr. C and hopefully get my stitches taken out! Woo Hoo! In the meantime, I had a nice weekend. Ms. M was really good to me, and on Sunday, Ms. M and Ms. L took me on a drive to.... see #1!!! She was very busy with all her responsibilities at the French National Percheron Championships, but guess what? I made a new girlfriend! She comes all the way from Italy!

Her name is SOFIA. Isn't she just lovely? She is so very elegant! She is a full-size poodle and she belongs to a very nice Italian friend of #1's who also has a magnificent Percheron stallion with whom she does dressage! You cannot see it in these photos, but Sofia has beautiful purple toenails!!!

Vidock: On the subject of toenails.. I finally got my hooves done. The new farrier came on Friday to give me and Violette our mani-pedis!

Genji: I am not sure if this is a manly pic or not. What do you think?

Da Beebs: It is always very manly to bring comfort to your cone-wearing big brother!


  1. Vidock, you re ALWAYS manly no matter where or when! Tommy, I adore your new girldriend. I hope she might permit a photo of her toenails? Beebs...what a welcome and gorgeous sight you are today!!

  2. Hi there Tommy. We love your new Poodle friend. Our Mom loves standard poodles. They are wonderful dogs.
    Glad the horses are getting their pedicures. Take care.

  3. Tommy, I hope the doctor visit will go well. Your new friend Sofia sure looks gorgeous!
    Gen-Chan, you look very handsome and manly always :-)

  4. Paws up for getting your stitches out, Tommy! It is not a moment too soon! I hope you will soon be shirt and cone-free for good!

  5. We have our paws crossed for Tommy that the stitches come out today and you will be free of cones and t-shirts soon.

    Millie & Walter

  6. Elle est très jolie ta nouvelle copine italienne Tommy,et ça fait plaisir de te voir "tout nu".
    Genji ... la tête que tu as comme ça ! J'adore. C'est pas de ta faute, c'est juste la façon de prendre la photo. Ca fait d'immense oreilles et une grande tête....

  7. Sophia is so pretty. Good luck with those stitches
    Benny & Lily

  8. Tommy, your friend Sofia is lovely ;)
    Vidock, the new shoes look very nice!
    Genji, the is a manly pic ;) It's manly to look vulnerable, girls like that ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  9. Sofia is very pretty we hopes you have your stitches out by now and that all is well Tommy.

    Glad you got your feet done. Mommy used to help Grandpa do her horses feet so she knows it was a job.

  10. Your lady friend is very glamorous Tommy. I hope all went well with having your stitches out and you are nicely healed.

  11. oh wow! I bet that mani/pedi felt oh so good Vidock! And you are all such manly dudes! paw pats, Savannah


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