Monday, 4 July 2011

Manly Monday - Featuring BIBI AND THE BEAN!

Hi everybody. Did you have a fun weekend? Of course our friends in the States are still enjoying theirs. Happy 4th of July! Yesterday, when we had our guests, I got to go outside in my handsome purple Puppia harness, and I decided I would look exceedingly handsome in a pot!

Anyway, i have made a fabulous discovery! I have found the best toy EVER!!!! They don't sell this stuff in pat stores but #1 says they are easy enough to find at the supermarket. Behold the GREEN BEAN!

You can carry it around, whap it, throw it in the air! It is so versatile!

And it's easy to store!

I shall have to teach my little brother about beans as soon as he arrives!

Tom: OK, my two weeks are up! Everyone says I am no longer limping at all, and I am feeling very frisky! #1 is going to Paris for the day today but she has promised to call up Dr. C tomorrow morning to see what the next step should be for me. I am still supposed to continue on anti-inflammatories for a couple more weeks.

In the interim, I have had a really fun few days. #1 and I went to lunch with some cousins who were visiting from Toronto. Young Mr. L and I immediately became buddies!

And Cousin P, whose house we were at, gave me awesome ear scritches!

Then, they came to visit us yesterday! We went down to the market and stopped for coffee:

And when everyone was having lunch, the Beebs and I enjoyed hanging out under the table!

Vidock: I got visitors too yesterday! I'm a very cool guy, so I pretended not really to notice when the lovely Ms. S came to meet me!

I think she liked me!


  1. Having visitors is fun!! Especially if you get extra attention!! :))


  2. What a great weekend you had with lots of visitors!

    We hope the news is good for you Tommy and you get to run around again and play frisbee!

    Bibi is having lots of fun with that bean - Murray is off to see if we have some in the fridge to see if Tinkerbell will play with him!!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  3. Bibi, I like your new toy : ) Look fun like a big worm
    You know I learn from you day by day about living with the doogie like Tom. And now I think It's not scary like I use to think. Having Tommy, it's great ! in the way when you have human visitors, you can sent him there. You don't need to confront human visitors by yourself which is..Cool !!!

  4. Bibi ad #1, that is really funny about the green bean, because Kimi, the Aby my humans had MANY years ago, would play fetch with a green bean. No other kitties of theirs have ever had any interest either in Fetch or in Green Beans. She would also be willing to substitute an empty bunch of grapes instead of the green bean.

  5. Beans look like fun!Tom, we are glad yoo are feeling better! Oliver and Ruby

  6. Happy 4th to you too! We are celebrating it in the same time zone. It always feels a little weird to have to wait until the afternoon to be able to wish our State-side friends a Happy 4th. -Tony

  7. Wow! You've all had a lot of visitors over the weekend.

    We shall have to try one of those 'green bean' toys. It looks pawsome!

  8. We will have to get mum to get us a green bean of two to play with Bibi - it looks as though you were having such fun with yours.
    Were you overcome with shyness Vidoci when Ms S came to see you? We can see Tommy was enjoying his ear scritches and we do have to say we have never seen another cat sitting under a table at lunchtime in a square before - Bibi - you're a first for us!!

  9. We never thought that a green bean could be such fun! How lovely to have so many visitors :)

  10. Bibi!! You now know why I love small fruits and vegetables to much. They make the BEST toys!!!! Green beans are awesome because you can pick the up and whap them so easily!

    I will definitely teleport over to France for a visit and to watch le Tour! Mom says if the tour came by your place, she'd be there too. I think she really just wants to hug Vidock...and Tommy...well all of you!

  11. What a pawesome time fur all!

    Thanks fur sharing it!

    As fur the beans, YUMMERS!


  12. PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I furgot to paw woo in the khomment!

  13. Oh wow! Bibi got to go for coffee??? You all live in such an amazing place. How wonderful :)

  14. Tom, so happy to hear that you're not limping and doing better.

    Isn't it funny how we spend all this money on toys and they like the funniest things like a green bean? LOL

  15. Sounds like you are all having a great time! And Vidock--that is the best way to handle visitors. Keep them guessing!

  16. So much to comment on! Tommy, so sorry you have had a limp & glad you are getting better. Bibi -- Tiger thought that bean looked like a way cool toy. Little brother? I shall stay tuned! Vidock is incredibly handsome. I love that Bibi got to go to the coffee shop. Finally, your pictures of southern France make me very keen to visit there someday. It is so hot and miserable here,& it looks like heaven there.

  17. Hurrah Tommy - now hopefully you can do some GENTLE running around. We are not so sure about the bean toy, Bibi-Chan - it looks a bit like some human food. But we thoroughly approve if you stole it off a human plate of food :)

  18. What a fab Manly Monday, with fun and good news all around!

  19. Tommy, great to know you're feeling a lot better now. Poor Chloe started limping a few days ago & it got really bad about 2 days ago. Today, Megan started limping pretty badly too. I think she smacked her last toe on the side of door frame today. Both are on pain medications. Sigh.

    Anyway, Happy 4th of July to you all too!

  20. Bibi, guess what? I like green beans too! ~Sweet Pea

    Tommy, we have paws crossed that you can begin to run around a bit again; we know how much you miss that.

    Vidock, we think you are blushing, hee hee!

  21. Those green beans don't look like fun but we will give it a try
    Benny & Lily

  22. Tommy,

    You are so chivalrous! I would be delighted to go on a date with you. We could run through the fields (as long as your Dr. C says it is ok) and do flying ears together. I am not good at catching frisbees but I would love to watch you. And pizza is my favorite. I would very much like to meet Vidock. I have cow and goat friends but I have never met a horse. It sounds like a perfect date and I know that you would be a gentleman and not sniff me in rude places. But I would snuggle with you if you like.

    Your friend,

    PS I promise to leave Ambrose at home as he would cause some kind of commotion for sure.

  23. Your visitors seem like the nicest kind to have - they love furries! Bibi - we think you and your new little brother are going to have a lot of fun together. We like beans too, but we usually gobble them down very quickly, maybe we need to try playing with them too.

    Tommy, we hope you are fit and well and able to run the fields again. We bet Fernant has missed you.

    Sorry to have missed the last few posts, been a bit hectic here.

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Bibi, that harness does look nice on you and the bean looks like great fun! We hopes Tommy gets a good check-up, too. Have a purrfect day.

  25. What a great weekend you all had!

    Tommy we are sp pleased your 2 weeks are up and you are feeling better. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  26. Hurrah for you, Tom we are thrilled that your leg is feeling better. Will they check it in some way to be sure it is really sound? We are sure that the now world famous labrimenace, Fernant, will be thrilled to have his play pal back but how can he be stopped from over taxing Tommy?
    Mum never thought to give us green beans to play with although she eats them all of the time. We can't wait to give them a try!
    Your mum and Tommy sure have lots of friends and family. We could never keep up with their hsocial life!


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