Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday - Daisies and such

Before I move on to news and photos of myself, I want to talk about our dear friend, Daisy. We were all very worried about her when she had her eye problem, and so we thought about her a lot. And then yesterday, when #1 was out in the garden, in the midst of all the little wild white daisies, she found a perfect pink one! She immediately thought of Daisy, and we decided to dedicate this lovely flower to her!

We hope you like it Daisy!

I don't have a lot of news for you. The weather has been fairly sunny but still unseasonably cold. I have been spending some time in the run...

and some hanging out with Tommy...

As for that little boy of mine, I must say Bibi seems to be growing quite nicely, under the tutelage of Tommy and Yuu-Chan. Here is a rare picture of the two of us together, at the buffet:

We do have something quite exciting going on in the garden. A pair of Mallards has been hanging out there. We think they have a nest nearby!

And in conclusion for today, here is quite a fun picture:

I am Tama! Hear me ROAR!!!!


  1. Love the buffet on the table!

    Super daisy for Daisy! It is so good that her eyes are doing better.

  2. You get to eat ON the table?? Oh man, we're so moving in with you!!

  3. Just to explain something: we eat on the table because otherwise a certain woofie would hoover up our food...

  4. I heard you all the way over here Tama-Chan!!!

    The card you made for Daisy is purrfect!! I am sure she'll love it to bits!

    Continued purrs to #1 and her car. Hope things can be worked out!

    Purrs Goldie

  5. Sometimes no big news is the best news. It looks like you're doing fine. We agree about the temperature, though. We need some warmer weather - soon!

  6. Oooooooh! That is the most beautiful daisy I have ever seen. Thank you so much! It made me smile real, real big. Friends like you are the reason I think my eyeball got better!

  7. Rahr! hahahaha!

    Momma's been looking for some perfect Red Gerbera Daisies. She's GOT to find some! It's become a mission and she will not give up!

  8. Here also, it is quite cold for the season, sigh.
    Tama is very impressive indeed!

  9. Love the pink daisy! Love the Mallards! Love you all!...and yes...WOW...a banquet!

  10. We heard that big roar from all the way over here, Tama!

    What a beautiful Daisy, and what a lovely card. You are so sweet:)

  11. Blog Mom wants me to say that she's so glad to see she's not the only one to have given over her kitchen table to a kitty buffet. People who don't have both cats and dogs tend not to understand about that.

    wags, Lola

  12. Tama-darlin', I think that "Daisy" daisy is wonderful! And I know Miss Daisy will be quite pleased the Chan Clan thought of her out in your beautiful French fields. Mr. Bibi is growing quite nicely and soon, I shall not be able to tell you all apart but for the collar and your hints!

  13. My goodness Tama-Chan what a big roar you have - don't frighten the mallards away they might have babies close by.

  14. It's been cold and rainy over here. Shhh, but don't tell anyone who Mom works with, but she really wanted a nice rainy day while she was snug in her condo... the only unfortunate thing was that she wasn't able to stay in her condo on that rainy day heheh. Be careful what you wish for is what we say!

    We love your roar, Tama-chan!

    9 and Chani

  15. BTW, mes amis, is your dear # 1 at home in August? My mum is traveling in your half of the world, Bosnia methinks, and is cogitating on the idea of seeing you.

  16. So that's why we all perked up our ears at once! It was the ROAR! We are jealous of your buffet; we *only* get four types of wet food at four different areas. We demand table service!

    xx Lounge Kats

  17. To give your Momma a happier experience on facebook, have her hover over a FV request on the right side--if nothing appears do the bottom area of the request. A little link that says block this application should show up. Click that and that should keep her from having to wade through all the requests.

    We wish we could set just a set group of people to see our game applications--some require help from friends using the game--but we HATE that everyone has to see it so try and let our friends w/o the game know how to get rid of those stupid alerts

  18. Tama, that is a lovely "Daisy" daisy. We hope your weather warms up soon, ours is also unseasonably chilly.

  19. We can hear you all the way over here, Tama-Chan:-)

    You are so lucky - you get to eat off the human table??? How do we manage to do that too?

    What a beautiful daisy for Daisy!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. We just LOVE all of the pictures of you guys...cats and dogs...dogs and cats...love, love, love!!! And even those pictures you had a few days ago of the horse!! WOW!! That is one big, beautiful horsey!!! We love horses, too...but we don't like to get too close to them...they are big and scarey even if they are pretty!! Have a great day, Lautrec and Tiny

  21. A pink daisy! What a wonderous find! Bibi-Chan sure is growing big and strong. Our kitties eat their buffet is their own room gated away from woofies.
    Tama-Chan has quite the yawn!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  22. And khwite the mighty roar it is!

    Thanks fur sharing the beaWOOtiful daisy FUR Daisy!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! All wet here in PA today!

  23. We just love the beautiful daisy in honor of Daisy! We love daisys and need more in the garden. I'll have Jonesie work on it!

  24. How precious to find that daisy.. I am sure Daisy will love it..Hugs GJ xx

  25. That's a very impressive spread that #1 puts on for you kits!

  26. Your Daisy picture sure is pretty.

    Wow, that sure is a nice spread you guys have to choose from.

  27. You are so thoughtful finding a daisy for Daisy
    Benny & Lily

  28. That certainly is a mighty roar!!

  29. Tama Chan
    I love you woawing, hehehe
    youw little boy is so adowable and I love that Yuu and Tommy awe helping make him into a mancat.
    that daisy wondewful and Daisy will love it i'm suwe. I'm glad hew eye is bettew
    smoochie kisses

  30. We can't beleeve yoo are so lucky ~ having a buffet on the table. We're not allowed on the table, (altho we completely ignore this rule) but we still hafta eat of dishes on the floor. :sigh:

  31. That is a sweet Daisy!
    And uh, are you eating up off the floor, like on a table? Uh, sshhhh, I thought I was the only one with that sort of privilege! Good job!


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