Monday, 1 February 2010

Manly Monday with A Surprise Guest!

Tom: I am kicking off Manly Monday today. Let me start with a photo #1 took this morning:

Yes, it was snowing again! Can you believe it? We can't, since we often go for an entire winter without any snow around here! We also had a little bit of snow on Saturday, which always enhances my Frisbee sessions!

I would also like to share with you this rather fetching portrait #1took a few days ago:

By the way, it's Mango Minster this week! I am entered in the Sporty Dog category. I wonder how I will do?

Yuu-Chan: #1 always tells me I am one of the best cat models she has ever known as I am always willing to pose for her. So, here is my profile look:

But wait! Posing is not always possible, especially if one is caught up in a whirly game! Here I am having lots of fun!

OK... Back to being a Golden Boy...

DRUM ROLL...... And now for our Monday Mystery Guest!

Hi everyone! Remember me, El Tigre?

I have now been in my Forever Home for a whole week and I am very happily settled in! #1 and Uncle U came to visit yesterday and I could show them my new home! I get on well with Max, the giant Newfie Woofie, and Kaze, the Meezer, is already warming up to me. As for my new family, I have them all wrapped tightly around my little paws!

And I have a new name!!!! I am now called TORA-CHAN! It makes all kinds of sense since "Tora" is Japanese for tiger! But you may be wondering why I have a Japanese name? Well, my new Dad is Japanese!!!! He thinks I am absolutely wonderful, and I think he is pretty cool too!

I have a great new mousie...

and my new Mum plays with me a lot!

But one of my all-time favourite things is still to ride on my big brother Gabriel's shoulders! I think it is the most manly of all activities!


  1. Yuu-Chan,you look so serious with your paws crossed :-)
    I'm so glad for El Tigre that he has found his fureverhome.
    Tom, I can't believe it is snowing again at your place! Enjoy it...

  2. Tommy! Your manly portrait is most excellent.


  3. The snow definitely enhances your manly photos, Tommy! Yuu-chan, you are a beautiful golden boy. And hooray for Tora-chan's forever home. You look so happy and I love the shoulder riding!


  4. Tora Chan is a really sweet kitty, he got a wonderfull familly!
    Tommy you're exellent at the frisbee game, I cannot share with you and prefer to explore around...


  5. What a wonderful surprise to see Tora-Chan in his new home. We are thrilled to hear he is settling in so well:)

    Tommy, you are the manliest woofie we have ever seen. Wow!:)

  6. Oh my, you boys are all so cute! Cute in a manly way of course.
    We are so, so, SO happy everything is working out for Tora-Chan in his new - and forever - home. It seems like the best of best homes was found for him.
    It's snowing again over here too!

  7. Excellent portraits!

    I am so glad to hear that Tora-Chan is doing so well. It sounds like he found the perfect Forever home!

  8. Yay for snow Tommy! You look very sporty leaping for your frisbee in the snow. We are glad that Tora-Chan is loving his new home. A good addition to manly monday.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  9. TORA-CHAN we are so happy you found such a good forever home.

    Tommy you look very fetching playing in the snow. We are sure you will do great at Mano Minster. We wishes you good luck.

    Yuu-Chan, we thinks you like having your picture taken. ~AFSS

    PS: Scylla & Artemisia are playing chase but we don't think it is a friendly game as lots of hissing is involved on Scylla's part.

  10. What a lovely update on Tora-Chan! We are so happy he has settled in well and wish him love and luck always. Purrs.

  11. Great pics as always! Tommy, you look very elegant pointing at the Frisbee in the air; Yuu-Chan, you have a future ahead of you as a cat model; and Tora-Chan, your new adoptive home sounds wonderful...your new Dad has great hair *g* and so nice that you have two man beans to ride around on. Hope that you can make the Meezer happy and come out of his shell.

  12. Great Manly Monday photos. Tommy always brightens our day. It also looks like Tora Chan is happy in his new home. Hurrah! xoxo

  13. Tommy, you look like you're having fun in the snow! Yuu-Chan -what a wonder pikshur!

    TORA-CHAN!! We's so happy you is happy in your new furefur home !

  14. You are all so adorable! We are so happy that Tora-Chan is so happy (and so well-loved!) in his new forever home!

  15. El Tigre you look so happy! I am glad you are settling in! And such fun you look to be having Tommy!

  16. El Tigre is happy with his new family : for sure it's the best news of this Monday.

  17. Tommy - we love your portrait shot!

    Lovely to read that El Tigre is so happy and with a great new name too!

    take care

  18. Oh my!

    Such pikhs to start my week!

    Thank woo fur the update on Tora-Chan!
    Of khourse, I would love to see pikhs of Max!



    PeeEssWoo: Great pikhs of WOO Tommy!

  19. Tommy, you look so manly in the snow and like you are having so much fun!
    And Yuu, you are so photogenic!
    And El Tigre! What a great update!
    Pee Ess: our mom works from home too! But she is glued to the work 'puter so we don't get much attention in the daytime since our mom's work is super busy.

  20. OMG I really enjoyed all these critters.


  21. Looks like Tora-Chan has it sweet!

  22. Wow, Tom! It's a great portrait of you.

    And Yuu-Chan, it's plain you're the perfect model ;-)

    We so glad El Tigre found a wonderful home! And hope to hear more from you.

  23. Hey, Manly Tom, I'm in that category too. You'll do grrreat, just not as great as me BOL

  24. Wondewful Manly Monday!!!!
    Tommy, you awe soo handsome and i'm so glad you have lovely snow to play fwisbee in.
    Yuu-chan , you awe a magnificent mancat and I am so vewy happy to see Towa chan in his new fuwwevew home being so happy and having evewyone wapped awound his paws, hehehe
    smoochie happy monday kisses

  25. Wonderful photos! Love the Tommy picture in mid jump. We are so happy for Tora-Chan too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  26. Tommy, we think you are going to do very well - good luck. Yuu-Chan, handsome as ever. And Tora-Chan --- LOVE that new name and we are so happy you have found such a good home.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  27. Gosh we have missed so much!! We hate to be away for such long periods of time, we shall have to force the Lap Lady to be more helpful. What great news the little guy has a great home with another Kaze! We certainly don't have many Kaze's around this country- I always get called kay-ze. That makes me meeze in an annoyed manner.


  28. What a great picture of you Tommy - I bet you are more excited about the snow then #1 was! And Yuu-Chan, you are adorable as always!

    And thanks for the update on Tora-Chan! It is wonderful that he found such a great forever home. And he is such a cutie!!

  29. Oh how fun! And we love the new tiger name ;) We also love riding on the shoulders! We call it "the ferry" and demand being ferried from one prime spot to another.

    Hyssing & Virus

  30. Tora! Tora! Tora! What a great name for you.

    Tommy and Yuu-chan your portraits are lovley.

  31. Love all the pictures. Seems like Tom likes the snow.

  32. sure love your snow! And Tora-Chan...we're so happy you are happy in your forever home!

  33. Oh my! So much to be happy about today...Tommy handsomeness, Yuu-Chan sweetness, and El Tigre with a whole new name and a lovely forever family!


  34. Great action shot! We are happy El tigre is doing well in his forever home. Looks like he is having fun
    Benny & Lily

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