Monday, 8 February 2010

MANLY MONDAY: Boys and Their Toys

Tom: I hope you all had a great weekend and that the many of you who were supporting the Colts were not too disappointed... I had a great day yesterday at Pie's. I miss #1 when she is gone but Ms. A is so nice to me, and we always get to go for long walks in the woods. By the time #1 came to get me, I was pooped!

I have been pondering what the attributes of true manliness are. There are many, of course, staring with being gentle and always kind to your siblings and all creatures. But, let's face it, one's stuffies are terribly important too!

Of course, stuffies are indoor toys and one must not forgot outdoor toys, of which the most outstanding is of course the Frisbee!

I would very much appreciate some input from my equally Frisbee-obsessed friends about which kind they think is best. We have tried lots of different ones. Some have lasted less than an hour due to utterly shabby construction. So far, the best one, we think, is the Pet Mate Disc-O-Dog. It survives weeks of my very energetic mouthing!

Anyway, over to my little brother...

Yuu-Chan: I love playing with toys too. Recently, my favourite toy has been a spring that I found. Sadly, there are no photos of me playing with it. But #1 did catch me the other day retrieving one of my mousies from what she thought was a very well thought-out storage space...

Of course, part of being manly is looking good. #1 has decided that the boys in this house should all wear collars and so she ordered an outstandingly handsome collar for me from a wonderful Etsy store in Comox, BC, called "pawsntails." She says that I look like a golden surfer boy wearing it. What do you think?

And on the subject of playing, open drawers are rather fun too, aren't they?!

The news from little Tora-Chan continues to be excellent. Here, following a request from Khyra, is a picture of him with his 14-year old Newfie Woofie brother Max:

In case you're wondering what he's doing, he is eating up some Japanese "soba" noodles. There is an excellent video of him doing this on YouTube, here.


  1. That's a cool collar!

    Tommy, one of your best characteristics I think is your gentle and kind nature!

  2. Tom, I don't have a frisbee yet, thanks for recommending the Pet Mate Disc-O-Dog, I am going to ask for one for my gotcha day. ~Fenris

    Yuu-Chan, we love your collar you do indeed look like a surfer dude.

    Tora-Chan, it is nice to see you and your big brother, Max. Boy is Max big.


  3. That was an interesting peek into your manly world. Might we say that all three af you are looking very handsome on this Monday?!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. What a good group of manly guys, and so handsome too. Not being that big on frisbees, I don't have a recommendation. I would check with Fenway since he is very manly and quite focused on his frisbee.

    Your friend,

  5. Hi boys

    You look hansome except Tora who looks like a little mouse near his big brother!

    ViVi & AB

  6. That's a mighty BIG woofie bruvfur that Toea-Chan has! Good job he is a gentle giant.

    Smart collars too.

  7. I do like that collar but not enough to request one. I'm not really a collar cat. And Toa-Chan it is good to see you enjoying your Newfie friend!

  8. Yuu-Chan, that is a great collar. Very surfer boy. (and we live where there are a lot of surfers, so we know about this stuff!)

    Tommy, glad you had fun at your friends house and got to go for a long walk. We never realized how flimsy some frisbees are!

  9. Hi Tommy. We love your definitions of being manly! and you look very sweet with all of your stuffies piled up under your chin, and as always, superbly athletic leaping for your Frisbee. We think there must be some super tough Frisbees out there that they use in competition? Yuu-chan does indeed look like a golden surfer dude with his great new collar. And Tora-chan looks so tiny next to his big woofie brother. The video of him eating soba was cute!

  10. Tommy you are so right about being manly - those are all important qualities! Since we are all kitties, we can't really recommend a good frisbee, but we do know that the tuff-toys last very well (we have a doggie cousin who hasn't destroyed her's yet - she usually has them apart in minutes) so maybe they make a frisbee that will last(we got it for our cousin at Baby Patches store).

    And Yuu-Chan you look VERY handsome in your new collar. We think it is beautiful on you!

    And we love the picture of Tora-Chan with his new woofie brother - what a size difference!!

  11. What wonderfully sage advice from both of you manly boys.
    Our German Shepherd's favorite frisbee is a medium size bicycle tire, and furry mice trump all toys for all our kitty boys (Penny loves her tail).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. What a manly Monday!

    Khute and tasty khats!!
    MAX The Newfie!!!

    Thank woo fur sharing...those noodles made Mom hungry!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  13. Tommy, we can't give you any reviews about frisbees because Mom won't buy them for us. TD chews them to pieces:( But we do love our stuffies.

    Yuu-Chan, you look very studly in your are collar. Mom keeps saying we are going to get new collars but we still don't see them, at least not ones that could possibly be for us.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  14. Tom, you sure do like your frisbees :-)

    The collar looks lovely, Yuu-Chan.

  15. Tom you sure are cute with your toys!

  16. Tommy, you look like you are having great fun with that frisbee!

    Yuu-Chan, your collar is great!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  17. Lovely post. I'd missed you Tom. As for the bowl and the mouse and the funny. Off to youtube now. :)

  18. Did you saw 14 year old newfie? Wow! That is an old guy for sure.

    The collar looks very California.


  19. Now that is my kinda of collar little one! Save us a few noodles
    Benny & Lily

  20. Yuu-Chan, we love your collar! Very cool!! And Tommy, you make frisbee catching look like so much fun, we wish we could catch frisbees!

  21. Tommy-Chan and Yuu-Chan, you are definitely both looking manly with those toys.

    And we're so glad that Tora-Chan is doing so well. :)

  22. Grete here! I don't like frisbees so much...I mean they are ok, but they don't match the perfection that is my squeaky ball.

    Ok, back to Cory:

    Tommy us kitties just love you...not just your cat family.

    Purrs, Cory

  23. Tommy
    We fink gentleness and kindness are furry manly indeed. Sorry we have no advice on the frisbees cos san doesn't buy any fur us. Yuu_chan's collar is furry beautiful. I also have collars but san buys them from Rescue Paws in etsy too. They use some of the money to help cats in shelters.


  24. That is a great place to hide a toy mousie! haha! We love your collars! And Tommy what a good frisbee player you are!

  25. We love that shot of your toy in your food dish, Yuu-Chan! You are such a silly handsome boy!


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