Friday, 19 February 2010

Flying Ears and Frootbats

Tom: Have you noticed that there has not been adequate coverage of me recently? It's hard getting proper attention when you live with SEVEN kitties, but I asked #1 if I could kick off the Friday post with some nice flying ears shots and she said yes!

Look at this next one. See how incredibly steep that climb is? It's the moat of my castle!

And just look at this action shot!

My special thanks to Siena and Chilli's mum who took all these photos, as well as most of the ones below!

Now I suppose you will be wanting to see some Frootbats too? The kittens are 11 weeks old today, and I have been getting to know them! I think Hime-Chan really likes me! Anyway, here they are:

And Mama-Tama...


And Yuu-Chan


  1. Squeee! Mom says it was wonderful to take all those pictures! We say it's a bit too much that the one of Bibi is actually her desktop picture now. Maybe after all we should get jealous.
    Happy weekend, dear furriends!
    Siena & Chilli

  2. We are glad that you got top billing this week Tommy. As cute as all those kitties are, you cannot let them take over! You look like you had a great time running and playing at your castle. We did see you post with your training picture and we hope that you will enter our contest next year,

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. PeeWee asked you to post a before and after photo of the headless kitty. He is worried that Tommy might have stolen the kitty's head. What a dope.


  4. Wow, Tommy, that steep climb makes your ears go back just from the gravity!!

    Adorable kitten shots. Wow, what clawrs! It there a fur mousie being played with in those paws?

  5. Uncle's U said YuYu needs some ears grooming, but the average photos is very good, spécially Tom's action shots.

    ViVi & AB

  6. Hi Tommy! You are so lucky to have such a fun moat to play in. Do you ever dig to see if you can find an old moat monster? As for those babies, have they forgotten that they are babies? They are getting so big!

    We love love love the picture of headless Tama from yesterday. What a funny girl:)

  7. Love those flying ears and I do so wish I could come play Frisbee with you. Thanks for joining The Fen Patrol. ~Fenris

  8. How nice that you got top billing in today's post, Tommy! We love seeing your ears fly when you're out having fun!

    You all look terrific! Have a great weekend. :)

  9. Great action shots, Tommy! Those babies are just adorable -- sweet pictures of all.

  10. Oh the KITS! I just love the kits!!!! They are so cute! Tommy, you are very fast and everything but I am partial to those kits. Can I come cuddle with THEM? Or is that too forward?

  11. Well, that's a good start to levelling out the khoverage!

    Great pikhs of those furry pawesome flying ears!

    We chukhkled at the furst khytty pikh - did somekhat burp?


  12. Well thank goodness some quality Tommy time on the blog today! We are glad those kittens haven't totally taken over his house! (hee hee) Thanks for sharing such great photos today. xoxo

  13. Hi Tommy and gang!

    We're back from our holidays and we've just been having a very enjoyable catch-up with your blog. Such great photos - we loved the 'mom and pet' photos inspired by Max's mom and of course ALL the kitten photos makes our FH squeal quite delightedly!

    Tommy, we're always impressed at your action shots. Does your human have to take loads to get such good ones? We almost have visions of you having a 'matrix moment' where you hang in mid-air whilst your human snaps away with the flashy box! That's how in awe of your prowess we are!!

    Big schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  14. Yes, Tom, I noticed and I even commented on it. What's up with that. When did adorable kitties dethrone us? You look so athletic in these shots. Wow

  15. I wonder if the kittens will grow into their ears?

  16. Oh Tommy, we think you are just a wonderful woofie taking care of all those kitties. We are glad we could see your flying ears today too!
    Hey, there are more cats in your house than in mine!

  17. Great to see you flying high, Tommy. You really love those frisbees. Those kitties are all so adorable, hope you can tell them apart because we sure can't.

    Happy weekend, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. Ok, the kitty ears are cute, but your ears flopping in the wind are super cute.

  19. I love all your pictures. Love Tommy running free and having so much fun. Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

  20. Doggies loves to run and we loves watchin them!

  21. About time you do some blogging Tom! Although we also love seeing those kittens as well.


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